Acumatica Success Pack

The Acumatica Success Pack has been put together by our dedicated consultants. Simply put, a dedicated consultant is the individual who will analyze your business needs and recommend as well as configure Acumatica products and/or solutions as per those requirements. In the event you require a particular customization, the Bista consultant will adopt all solutions as per the subscription. Additionally, the consultant will also train you and your staff on the Acumatica solutions (whether you choose one by your industry or role), how to make the most out of each feature, as well as how to best use Acumatica in order to grow and optimize your business.

A dedicated experienced consultant will be your point of contact to help you achieve your ERP implementation goal.

What will “the dedicated consultant” do?

Prior to the implementation phase of the project, your dedicated consultant will analyze your daily business operations and suggest all the best ways to use and implement Acumatica products and solutions. All of this is achieved via a number of planned sessions with our consultant. Not only will they conduct a thorough analysis of your business in order to see what can be improved, they will also strive to connect you with the best possible solutions so that you get the full benefits of an Acumatica implementation. Furthermore, our consultant and team will also handle all the configurations and training that is associated with the Acumatica implementation..

What if I need custom development and ad hoc integration?

As a certified Acumatica Gold Partner, our team has the ability to provide our clients with advanced custom development for all Acumatica solutions. All of our tailored solutions are offered with support, on-premise installation, integration, project management services, and more. In terms of costs, our team charges on a hourly or daily basis depending upon the project work required.

Acumatica Success Pack

Which Acumatica Success Pack is ideal for my business?

Not sure which success pack to choose? Connect with our team of Acumatica experts, and we’ll be happy to guide you through it.

Bista’s Acumatica Success Pack comes in 3 varying packages


Hour 50




Small Acumatica Success Pack Includes:

Configure & Implement all basic Apps


Hour 100




Medium Acumatica Success Pack offers:

Configure all Basic Apps

Advanced Apps Like




Basic Customization


Hour 200




Large Acumatica Success Pack includes:

Configure all basic Apps

Implement Advanced Apps Like




In-depth Customization

Subject Matter Expertise

As a certified Acumatica Gold Partner, our team is committed to connecting you with the best solutions for your business. Not only do we have a team of functional experts on-call, we also have technical leaders who can help you understand or solve the nitty-gritty details that come with an ERP implementation. In fact, beyond having over two decades of ERP experience, our Acumatica Success Pack consultants carry vast expertise in their respective industries. For example, if you are in the construction industry, you’ll only be connected to a Bista consultant that not only understands Acumatica inside and out, but also has immense construction industry experience and knowledge.

Here at Bista Solutions Inc., we have steered away from a traditional package-based model in order to embrace a customer-based model. The reason behind that is this newly selected model meets our company’s mission and overall criteria; by providing our clients with greater customer satisfaction, and offering our clients the best and most efficient solutions. contact us.