5 Key tips that will help ensure a successful Custom Integration with Netsuite

There are various scenarios that need to be considered while planning Custom integration.We at Bista Solutions have implemented several custom integration with Netsuite and because of this, we can lay down some key tips that can be considered as a part of your process designing as well as the scoping phase of integration leading to a successful Custom Integration with Netsuite.

Integrated from end to end, NetSuite reduces the need to connect ERP, CRM and e-commerce applications.NetSuite is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that combines accounting and ERP programs, CRM tools and e-commerce capabilities in a single packaged offering. With NetSuite, users from sales, accounting, and support access customer information through just a record, eliminating data redundancies.

When it comes to Netsuite Integration, Here are five Key Tips ensuring the successful Custom Integration with Netsuite.

  • Using SuiteTalk Web services and Restlet enables ease in handling Integration.

SuiteTalk web services integration eases customers and developers to integrate NetSuite with existing on-premise solutions, build website-to-NetSuite integrations or create lightweight custom mobile applications. For lightweight integration, SuiteTalk includes an RESTlet framework which allows developers with REST functions.Restless are a RESTful service which extends the SuiteScript API and are generally fast, flexible and NetSuite developer friendly.To merge two systems together using a Restlet requires knowledge of SuiteScript since most of the heavy lifting is on the NetSuite side.

  • Verifying Data dependencies priorly by maintaining Data flow for the same.

Identifying the data flows for items or customer that have to be synced between the systems.Also, group data flows for support business processes such as sales cycle and purchase cycle.Also by thinking of scenarios such as Return Authorization priorly.

  • Using Comprehensive Error Handling:

Returning exceptions on a record-by-record basis will help in robust and reliable custom integration.Sophisticated error handling helps ensure robust, reliable integrations

  • Using Robust Security Model:

Managing Request by using standard NetSuite authentication, authorization, session management and encryption which ensures restrictions based on access privilege.

As Netsuite is a powerful cloud platform that has been gaining more and more popularity as a business tool due to its versatility and robustness as a software product so it’s always good to enhance the feature of robust security model by inculcating it in Custom Integration with Netsuite.

  • Maintaining Data Format and transport protocol between system:

By using most common data format combinations which are CSV or XML over FTP server, JSON over REST, or web services over HTTPS using SOAP/XML.

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