9 Benefits of NetSuite’s Real-Time Financial Management Solution

Here are 9 reasons to choose NetSuite’s cloud-based real-time financial management solution and how it helps businesses work more efficiently:

  1. Cloud Financial Management is secure. Secure handling systems to mitigate both internal and external threats to data, reports, and general program security. Infrastructure contains brilliant data centers with the highest-level of physical, network, application, and data rights. System of Controls, SLA Guarantees, Accreditations etc.
  2. Cloud Financial Management is clear. It provides real-time insight as to system status and service level agreements. It reports on third-party activity, general program status like published record of uptime, daily average response time, daily occurrence reports. It provides status of global segmentation at a good level.
  3. Cloud Financial Management is highly scalable. It displays the Infrastructure, and vendor experience in architecture of applications, allowing a nearly unlimited processing of transactions, data, and methods.
  4. Cloud Financial Management is global. Cloud architecture is ideally suited to global businesses who rely upon contingency use, collaboration, multi-entities, and consolidation. It provides a system for unlimited “Multi” – Entities, currencies, catalogs along with global debt consolidation. Cloud thus means “around the world browser-access to common application and data”. Cloud financial handling adds specific functionality to client systems.
  5. Cloud Financial Management is also fully customizable. Old software programs cannot accommodate the change without involving IT persons. It’s the Driver – Finance is driver of change; data models, workflow management, approval mechanisms, customized objects, and reporting are generally non-programmatic. Customizations are always guaranteed, with new launches with new features.


  1. Cloud Financial Management permits better and quicker decision-making, and offers a more complete picture of the health of the business and market.
  2. Cloud Financial Management is integrated. No system will provide 100% of the efficiency you need or want but with SaaS Financial Approaches, you get web services APIs allowing accurate posting of company activity, with highly outlined segmentation, from other systems.
  3. Cloud Financial Management is easily manageable. Using cloud financials, implementation and amendments to the system are more quickly completed, tested, and deployed well.
  4. Cloud Financial Management is automated. Cloud financial systems are made to automate workflows and decrease staff time and erroneous conditions They also enable risk decrease. Automate Basic Functions like Invoicing, bill payment, input data, and reporting are carried out, along with advanced functions like consolidation, scheduling, metrics and forecasting. It is also scriptless for some cases.

Used by millions of organizations worldwide, NetSuite’s financial management solution enables daily financial transactions and accelerates the financial closing. NetSuite’s cloud financials provides a complete real-time insight into the financial performance of the organization from a consolidated level down to the individual transactions.

NetSuite financials module easily integrates with all the NetSuite order management, inventory, CRM and ecommerce functions to handle important business processes efficiently.

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