Beat the Competition with NetSuite Wholesale Distribution

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NetSuite is a cloud ERP software that unites a company’s business processes into one functioning whole. It’s fast, affordable, and reliable, and it’s used by over 40,000 businesses across the world. But why are distributors, in particular, looking to a NetSuite wholesale distribution solution as their software of choice?

Challenges in Wholesale Distribution

Distributors are in a fast-paced and competitive industry. Your goal is to provide your products to retailers and other sellers in large quantities and at better prices than your competition. Therefore, you’re constantly in a race to improve your product quality, reduce your costs, and deliver your products in a timely and reliable manner.

In order to do this, your processes need to be sharp and efficient. These include having:

  • Strong supply chain management
  • Complete inventory visibility
  • Control over third-party logistics providers

NetSuite wholesale distribution diagram

Starting with inventory, it’s important you have complete visibility on how much stock you have and the amounts of each type. You also need to know where the stock is located: 1) where within the warehouse it’s located, for easy picking and placing ability, and 2) in which warehouse it’s located if you have multiple warehouses/distribution areas.

Meanwhile, controlling the supply chain is important so that your inventory is constantly being replenished. Procurement needs to be fast and reliable, so you always have enough on hand (and at the right locations) to fulfill demand. You also want control over suppliers so that you find inventory from the best suppliers and the best prices, so that your costs and your customers’ costs are lower.

The final key is the management of your shipping capabilities, potentially involving third-party logistics providers. This way, once you have your inventory ready to go, your products are shipped on time and reliably to retailers. And like the supply chain, you need to have control over your 3PL options: that way, prices here are also good, and your customers are more satisfied.

Managing this complex array of activities is no easy feat, but good wholesale distribution software will make it much easier to handle.

NetSuite wholesale distribution dashboard

NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Software

NetSuite is a cloud ERP software suite that helps a variety of businesses of shapes and sizes. But how does it help distributors in particular?

As we said above, distributors need a solution that can manage their inventory, supply chain, and logistics. NetSuite can certainly do that. But the best part about using a NetSuite wholesale distribution solution is that in addition to managing those three important processes, it goes above and beyond by connecting those processes together with your business as one functioning whole.

In summary, NetSuite will allow you to:

  • Gain complete inventory and warehouse visibility
  • Control supply chain and third party logistics
  • Manage multiple sales channels (including eCommerce)
  • Forecast demand based on information from sales channels (historical information, seasonal expectations, current contracts, etc.)
  • Set inventory reorder points based on forecasts, and more.

NetSuite Wholesale Distribution

While any simple software can allow you to get insight into a particular process, a NetSuite wholesale distribution solution allows you to integrate all of your processes together so that you truly become sleek and cost-effective.

After all, procurement of your supply should be based on current and forecasted inventory. Forecasted inventory should be based on current and forecasted sales. Your choice of 3PL provider should be based on the cost and speed of what your retail customer is looking for. And on and on.

The reason NetSuite can do this is that it’s a software suite that allows for interconnected operations. In today’s wholesale distribution industry, that’s exactly what you need to take you to the top.

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