How to Create Marketing Templates in NetSuite

All those attractive looking emails that you send to your customers can be generated within NetSuite. Moreover, you can send it to your customers through NetSuite. Not just that, NetSuite can also help you track the number of click-through. Ever wondered how a marketing template can be created from within NetSuite? Not 1 or 2, NetSuite gives you a choice of 6 base templates that you can build upon.How to create email marketing templates in Netsuite?


It does not limit to email templates. You can also create your very own online form through NetSuite. It offers you a fully customizable HTML based platform. Here’s how it looks like.


Once all of this is done, you would want to send this to your customers, or groups of leads. These groups can be static, or dynamic depending on your business needs. You can set up criteria to filter through results within a group. Once that’s done, a marketing campaign to send across emails can be set up within NetSuite. Here’s how you choose a group in a campaign.


Some really reporting can be achieved, which includes click through, lead source analysis, ROI calculation from campaigns, etc. You really want to know what returns your investment has got for you.


Marketing within NetSuite is not just about sending email or online forms and tracking responses, it also has a very high end upsell manager that can help you determine what needs to be sold, rather upsold, and to whom. It can help you determine what’s more in stock and needs to be sold out. It can also help identify the customers which have already purchased set of items from you and can buy a particular item again.


Apart from this, you can manage promotions and promotional schemes within NetSuite as well.


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