How to Setup Odoo Shortcuts

Recently we came across one of our Client’s request about using Odoo shortcuts. Since browsing the whole ERP or following multiple steps to reach a particular location sometimes becomes more time-consuming. Hence under this situation, use of shortcuts becomes a major part of the overall functionality.


If we look at the legacy versions of  Odoo (i.e. Ver.6.1), we have the concept of shortcuts by default in the functionality. if a user is on incoming shipments of a warehouse, he can directly jump to the Customers screen by just a single click at the top which represented configured shortcuts instead of multiple clicks from sales and then into Customers. There is demand for this functionality especially by the Clients who are still on the Odoo’s legacy version and about to migrate to the latest version.


Now in the latest version of Odoo this functionality is not present by default. But the good news is, this functionality can be still implemented with the help of module “Web_shortcuts” provided by Odoo separately on “”. This time it’s better than before. At every screen, there’s a Star present before the title of the Page as shown in the pic. To enable the shortcut feature we just have to enable those Stars by clicking on it, so that the location is added to your favorite lists.

As soon as the module is installed there is a Star symbol that appears on the top panel at the top right corner as shown in the pic. This symbol is usually placed where we get the list of all our favorites which are enabled in the system. Now this time we can setup our own favorites as per our business requirement and use the whole new Odoo in a more effective way.

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