Magento Integration with NetSuite

Magento Integration

NetSuite to Magento integrations

 NetSuite provides real-time insights and streamlines your financial processes with a comprehensive solution that combines robust finance and accounting capabilities with built-in business intelligence that is accessible from any location, at any time.

Magento as an e-commerce platform allows you to build rich, unique websites for both desktop and mobile for online shopping. The platform provides a rich set of features and capabilities and scales well.

NetSuite and Magento are two sophisticated platforms, both software offer a wide range of features that are more of configurations than customizations. An unintended consequence of this flexibility is that settings between systems can be setup to conflict with each other, and sometimes pre-built integration connectors can’t resolve the conflict or gracefully failing in a way that allows you to resolve the issue.

There are various scenarios that need to be considered while planning for this type of integration.

We at Bista Solutions have implemented several NetSuite to Magento integrations and because of this, we can lay down which areas you need to focus more and consider as a part of your process designing as well as the scoping phase of integration.

Processes that are synced in this integration with directional flows are as listed below:

1) Marketplace Item and vendor

As soon as the items are created in market place and approved by admin panel it will directly reflect in NetSuite. Any Update in “On Hand Quantity” in NetSuite will reflect in real- time basis on Magento store. Seller information will flow from your marketplace to NetSuite. And its commission and credits will be calculated and flow from NetSuite and Magento.

2) Customer integration

Whether your business is B2B or B2C and a regular customer or a guest customer. Our integration can pass the accurate data about the customers to NetSuite. There are various scenarios that will come into the picture for the customer master. The scenarios are customer specific pricing, group pricing and various payment method. The different level of shipping services associated with different customers based on their order history.

3) Order management functionality

As soon as the order is created in Magento, it will be passed down to NetSuite. So, that your logistics team can pick, pack and ship that order as soon as possible. If any change happens to this order it will be forwarded to the Magento. On a real-time basis even on time of returning the order. So, that your customers can notify/see the order status with actually modified values.

This was all about NetSuite Magento Integration. You can also watch a detailed demo of this integration on our youtube channel. Click here to watch this video.

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