How NetSuite Helps eCommerce Sellers

NetSuite eCommerce

NetSuite is a powerful platform for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with eCommerce capabilities. One way this works is by connecting their SuiteCommerce app with one of NetSuite’s ERP platforms. Alternatively, companies with existing eCommerce platforms can choose to integrate those platforms with NetSuite (this we discuss further below).

NetSuite SuiteCommerce

SuiteCommerce, an extension of NetSuite itself, primarily benefits companies that want their eCommerce operations to exist completely within NetSuite. This, for example, may be a company that already has NetSuite for other operations, but wants to expand it into online sales. SuiteCommerce gains even more strength by connecting with other solutions like payments management, shipping tools, fraud detection and more.

eCommerce ERP hairball

What is the problem SuiteCommerce solves? Parth Virkud, Bista Solutions Senior NetSuite Consultant, referring to the image above, explains:

We call this a hairball. There is one system for ERP that takes care of your financials, your accounting processes, your reporting, banking, etc. Then there’s another system for CRM processing, one for your website, one for your internal inventory management and yet another for support, customer support, so on and so forth. And then of course you would need each and every system to talk to each and every other system that you have within your organization. This creates a classic hairball as you call it.

By having many different systems, you create silos out of each operation. This means that in order for communication to take place, it’s going to require much more labor and cause many more errors.

In contrast, SuiteCommerce allows companies to have all of their functions in one system, including eCommerce, point-of-sale (POS), inventory management, order management, financials, etc. This cuts costs and also optimizes business processes. Separate departments don’t have to key in the same data multiple times, error is reduced, and the business works more fluidly.

What are some of the features SuiteCommerce offers? They include:

  • eCommerce Website building
  • Payment options
  • Shipping options
  • Dropship ability for marketplaces
  • Purchase order automation to replenish inventory
  • Multiple languages/currencies
  • Website reports, shopping activity reports, and more

NetSuite eCommerce integration

 Aside from SuiteCommerce, there are also solutions for companies that have invested a lot into other eCommerce platforms (Magento, etc.) and want to continue using them. In this case, they can integrate these platforms with NetSuite. This provides the same value mentioned above: it eliminates the hairball effect and creates proper communication between a company’s front end and back end operations.

This is done through what are called connectors. Bista Solutions, as a NetSuite partner, offers connectors with different eCommerce/marketplace platforms. Many are ready-built, but with its experienced developer team, Bista can create additional NetSuite eCommerce integrations if needed.

Other connectors Bista Solutions offers include 3PL connectors (e.g. FedEx) and additional (NetSuite already offers many of these) payment gateway connectors. Finally, there are also SMS gateway connectors.

Through SuiteCommerce and its connectors, NetSuite offers huge value for eCommerce sellers and a lot of flexibility. These integrations help companies become more efficient and cut costs significantly. If you’re interested in implementing SuiteCommerce or using a connector, contact us todayYou can also watch below for a presentation & NetSuite eCommerce demo: