How NetSuite helps the Healthy Growth of Natural Product Businesses

The key requirements of any Natural Product Business are:

  • Employee: Employee management is a must for any company as they are a major part of an organization. NetSuite manages and tracks employee activity efficiently through time tracking, payroll, tracking employee expenses, NetSuite allows role wise permissions and dashboard creation to have all the required information at a glance.
  • Timely Completion of Processes: Completing each process on time all together enables a company to meet their overall target. One of the important processes in a Natural Product Businesses is manufacturing the product. Manufacturing in NetSuite allows tracking a manufacturing process from raw material to finished good at each stage. Employees assigned to each task can be defined, Cost incurred and time consumption for each task can also be tracked.


  • Reporting: The report card of any business is its financials. NetSuite Reporting provides the required financial reports as Balance Sheet, Income Statement etc. NetSuite also provides several reports to track the inventory as well. Apart from Finance and Inventory reports for several other transactions and modules and available in NetSuite. There are 100+ Reports in NetSuite. These can be used in their standard form or can be customized as needed and new reports can also be created.
  • Performance: A company’s performance is majorly reflected through its sales and New Customer capturing rate. NetSuite Customer Relationship management efficiently manages to track Lead to Order process. It allows capturing leads through various mediums.
  • Demand Planning: In such businesses, it is crucial to know which product is in demand, where and when to plan our production and supply accordingly. NetSuite enables Improved supply chain operations with integrated order management and inventory and building demand forecasts with real-time data, reducing the risk of stockouts or excess inventory.

We can conclude that NetSuite empowers end-to-end multichannel commerce that smoothly connects e-commerce to inventory, merchandising, order management, customer service, marketing, and financials. Several Natural Product Companies are already using NetSuite to manage their businesses efficiently to name few we have Organic Spices, Evolving Nutrition, Navitas Naturals, Eco-Bags Products and PACT Apparel. NetSuite provides its customers in the natural products industry the flexibility, adaptability, and balance to rapidly launch new product lines and reaches new markets and sales channels while reducing IT costs and providing a smooth customer experience.