Why Your Manufacturing Business Needs A One-Stop-Solution Like Netsuite Manufacturing

Netsuite Manufacturing

NetSuite Manufacturing

With an overwhelming rise in emerging technologies, there is also an increase in customer expectations. While this rise is being seen in industries across. One of the critical sectors that have witnessed a drastic transformation is manufacturing. Manufacturers today are looking for ways to better equip themselves and shape robust customer service practices. At the same time, manufacturers also face barriers to growth, which only a strong manufacturing ERP system Like NetSuite Manufacturing can overcome. Oracle NetSuite manufacturing system- a software solution that fits the requirements of companies of all sizes.

In fact, manufacturers who implemented manufacturing ERP systems like NetSuite witnessed a 60% increase in their business insights and an 80% decrease in customer backorders. While these numbers say it all, here are some reasons that outline why you should use NetSuite for your manufacturing business:

Netsuite Manufacturing

Unified –Be it CRM, Supply Chain, Warehouse management, accounting or eCommerce, most manufacturers today have varied solutions for each business vertical. For more than 2 decades NetSuite manufacturing has been focussing on serving as the one-stop and a unified suite of applications to support manufacturers across all their business processes.

Mobile- With mobility at its core, NetSuite manufacturing software allows users to access information and data at the click of a button on any device. SuiteCloud is an essential vertical that enables this and ensures that businesses have the resilience to tailor the software in accordance with their unique needs.

Cost-effective– One of the key reasons that make NetSuite cost-efficient is cloud delivery. Cloud eliminates on-ground costs by providing real-time updates – unlike its on-premise counterparts which require on-site data centers and costly system upgrades to stay current with the software.

Flexible- One of the key offerings that NetSuite has to offer as the ideal manufacturing ERP system is flexibility. As market dynamics and regulatory environment change, NetSuite manufacturing enables businesses to grow without extensive manual intervention.


NetSuite is not only a tool that performs what it’s asked to, but it also goes over and beyond to deliver the business intelligence. With predictive analytics, NetSuite is also extremely agile and capable of keeping up with changing business models.

Easy to maintain– Unlike other legacy systems, NetSuite manufacturing software is easy to maintain with simple software and hardware upgrades.

Trustworthy– With over 20 years of experience in ERP implementations and about 40,000 customers.        NetSuite is proven and trusted as the #1 Cloud ERP and the best manufacturing ERP system businesses could ask for.

Manufacturers who are considering a shift to long-term software solutions should consider NetSuite as an ERP investment. It would not just grow with their business needs, but also provide them with the most current functionality to capitalize on new markets.

With more than 200 developers across the globe, Bista Solutions is SuiteSuccess certified and has championed multiple NetSuite projects across the globe. Some of our key clients in the manufacturing space are Allied Metals, Hyundai Equipment, Eko Contracting, Mulberry Farms, and Atlanta Waterjet.

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