NetSuite One Phased Methodology For Effective ERP Implementation Strategies

ERP Implementation

It is proven that a phased approach to an enterprise software/resource implementation accelerates the frequency of adoption, and gets a manufacturer up and running quickly and with very less disturbance to operations.This approach takes into concern the ERP implementation lifecycle model, which comprises the distinct and individual stages in which a business carries out an end-to-end ERP implementation.

Bista Solutions follows a Success Pack methodology, along with phased agile techniques. This is a phased rollout method wherein changes are made progressively with a time lined plan of steps to guide the transition from through each phase. Each milestone has its own tasks and deliverables. This gives the customer a clear vision of the process and current task activities. In addition, it facilitates the more timely adoption of any changes or updates from the customer, allowing these modifications to be accurately considered and handled effectively.

The main advantage of this methodology is that if anything isn’t going to plan, issues can be identified and handled at the right time. It’s also very easy to temporarily revert to the old system if needed, while the problem is being corrected. For organizations with multiple sites across a region, a phased approach is usually less risky as you can control a rollout and then cautiously deploy to other sites. This is often the strategy needed by big businesses, who build and test a fundamental core solution, containing a common functionality and processes, and then apply to the phased solution that is finally built.

Bista Solutions uses a NetSuite One phase methodology for customers who require large amounts of customization or integration across multiple platforms and uses the Agile technique in the configuration/customization phase. The success pack methodology is therefore of great benefit for vertical-specific best practices.

lifecycle of development of ERP


Success Pack implementation will consider industry best practices and join these with client requirements during configuration/customization in the design phase. This ensures the accuracy of the project, speedy delivery, all according to industry standards. Clients take advantage of the NetSuite Success Pack methodology during the implementation phase.

Bista Solutions has successfully merged NetSuite One with an Agile methodology to help clients with on-boarding and phase by phase collaboration. The main components of this methodology are Business Analysis, Documentation, Implementation of NetSuite Mid-Market comprising of CRM, Customer Service, Financial, Base Inventory, Base Procurement, One World with 2 subsidiaries, Supply Chain Management, Standard Dashboards, Reports (including 10 custom reports).

Consolidating all these components in one ensures successful enterprise software implementation with minimal errors leading to more satisfied customers.

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