Here’s why retailers-of-tomorrow need to adopt NetSuite retail ERP solution

NetSuite Retail

With the everchanging impact of globalization, the retail industry is witnessing drastic changes in terms of customer expectations. As technologies evolve, so does the need for retailers to upgrade themselves. In this atmosphere of cut-throat competition, retailers who can optimize customer data and predict user behavior will be the ones that will be ahead of the curve. NetSuite Retail ERP enables you to future proof your retail enterprise with cloud-based solutions that are configured and customized to meet your specific retail needs, allowing you to seamlessly add new channels, geographies, business models and brands.

Here are some reasons listing out why you need to adopt NetSuite Retail ERP solutions now:NetSuite retail

Enhance the in-store experience with POS

One of the biggest challenges of retailers today is to meet the retailing needs of customers within the purview of their stores. NetSuite Retail ERP not only enables you to meet the in-store retailing needs of omnichannel shoppers with a modern POS solution but also enables you to streamline and accelerate the transaction process.

With real-time inventory visibility, 360-degree view of the customers and enterprise, NetSuite Retail software provides the omnichannel capabilities the are needed to seamlessly deliver a unified shopping experience and build robust customer loyalty. With NetSuite retail ERP, you can also streamline and automate front end capabilities in real-time with backend processes, helping you build a transparent organization. Internally this software can help you strengthen your sales team by equipping them with tools and information that help them build stronger customer relationships and sell more products.

Deliver a single view of your brand with NetSuite eCommerce

With an increasing number of customers choosing online shopping over brick and mortar, it is now imperative for retailers to build strong online brands. Ones that engage with the customers and understand their needs. Be it desktop, smartphones, and tablets, NetSuite Retail ERP(with its SuiteCommerce platform) eases the delivery of engaging brand experiences to online customers. It enables your strength to drive more traffic to your web stores and increase online revenue with a flexible platform that’s resilient, adaptable and flexible.

Manage your customers better with NetSuite CRM

Delivering personalized experiences by placing customers at the center of your business is an integral part of any retail experience. With NetSuite’s retail CRM you get an omnichannel view of each customer so you can deliver personalized service, build customer loyalty and achieve a competitive advantage with your brand. You can also boost customer profitability and drive revenue with a complete understanding of a customer’s omnichannel lifetime value.

NetSuite retail ERP allows you to create an army of brand loyalists by targeting the right customer at the right time with the right product. By managing, tracking and analyzing marketing campaigns from start to finish with closed-loop marketing across all channels. you can get measurable results of your campaigns.

Centralize your database with NetSuite order management

Centralizing your order management can drastically help you increase your profitability and fulfill customer expectations. Getting a single view of your inventory across geographies and channels can help streamline the supply chain in ways we can’t imagine. NetSuite Order Management provides the ability to meet and exceed rising customer expectations for omnichannel fulfillment while boosting profitability and optimizing inventory.

Leverage business intelligence and reporting

NetSuite allows you to manage the expanse of your retail enterprise with key metrics so you can make timely, factual decisions with analytical dashboards and retail reporting. The NetSuite Retail ERP also enables you to view all this data in real-time as key performance indicators (KPIs), graphical report snapshots, trend graphs, and KPI scorecards. All of these combined empower you to identify issues, trends, and opportunities and instantly drill down to underlying reasoning to take action.

Streamline financial processes with integrated financials

NetSuite’s fully integrated financial management system allows you to improve organizational efficiencies and grow the business by giving in-dept insights, streamlining operations and managing risk/compliance. With NetSuite, you can gain real-time access to the financial, accounting and operational performance of your retail enterprise and get highly accurate accounting figures. By automating transaction flow and reducing manual data entry you can drastically eliminate errors and improve time to value. You can also maintain compliance with applicable accounting standards while establishing control and enabling audit trails.

Manage inventory and supplier relations effectively

Optimize your inventory and your supply chain to increase sales, accelerate delivery time, improve inventory turn and deliver the products to your customers on time & demand. With NetSuite, you get real-time access to vendor performance KPI’s and scorecards leading to increased vendor effectiveness. Using intelligent data to better leverage inventory across the supply chain. It also ultimately enables you to reduce inventory carrying costs.

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