How the synergies of NetSuite RPA invoice automation can transform your business

NetSuite RPA invoice automation

With the penetration of technologies across industries, businesses are now moving towards an agile approach where business process are at the highest peak of efficiency and employees are drive productivity. To achieve this, companies are resorting to digital transformation techniques that help them gain a sharp competitive edge. This includes, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and other cloud-based solutions that are engineered to streamline mission-critical processes. But what happens if these technologies are empowered with other powerful technologies like Robotics Processes Automation (RPA)? With such fast-growing ERP RPA integration, we have successfully developed few modules for NetSuite like NetSuite RPA invoice automation, NetSuite accounting automation, etc.

What happens when NetSuite ERP and RPA unite?

As businesses continue to focus on what they do best and to react to new market opportunities swiftly and confidently, it is extremely important for them to find new ways of strengthening their current capabilities.

We already know that from financials to supply chain management to billing and beyond, NetSuite ERP can give companies extreme visibility and control of their business operations. But what happens when all the repetitive processes being carried out by the ERP system are automated?

  1. All repetitive tasks get automated
  2. You reduce manual errors drastically
  3. All your processes become much faster
  4. Your employee efficiency rocket-launches

RPA can fill gaps of even the most robust ERP system like NetSuite and usher in another level of resource planning known as the automated resource planning. We can automate many modules & tasks with NetSuite RPA integration such as NetSuite RPA invoice automation.

What is the business value of combining NetSuite ERP with RPA?

If you look at the symbiosis of NetSuite and RPA from a larger Process Automation lens, you can say that robotization will be managing your end-to-end digital value chain when it comes to repetitive tasks. Imagine what this might mean for freeing your resources for high-order functions!

The business value that this harmony can bring is tremendous. It can streamline human and robot workload many-fold, with integrations to back-end applications using APIs.

In short, here are the top five benefits that a sprinkle of RPA can bring to your NetSuite ERP:

  1. Get more efficiency in less time
  2. Set your workforce free to conduct high-value tasks
  3. Standardize your processes
  4. Reduce costs in the long run

Let’s take an example

One of the tasks that is usually conducted in multiple organizations is that of processing invoices. With NetSuite RPA invoice automation this entire process can be robotized.

So, instead of manually processing each invoice, we use UiPath NetSuite RPA invoice automation to conduct the following process.

NetSuite RPA invoice automation

  1. This intelligent software first logs into your email and then reads all your unread emails.
  2. After this it downloads all the attachments in the mails containing the word ‘supplier invoice’ in them.
  3. It then logs into NetSuite to reads and extracts the extract transaction number and total amount from the attachment.
  4. Then it switches back to NetSuite and open the invoice with the transaction number that it previously extracted. After this, it matches this with the total amount.
  5. Once that verification has been made, the invoice will be processed.
  6. If the total amount matches, it will process the invoice and send a confirmation email. If not, the software will send an email stating that the invoice has been mismatched.
  7. This entire loop continues till the system reads all the attachments.

How can we do this?

Here’s a video to help you understand this entire process better.

How can Bista help?

This application of RPA is not just limited to one business unit, it can be applied to multiple repetitive tasks across business departments like marketing, HR, IT, So this is how RPA can help you reduce manual labour and also save your time.

As an increased number of decision-makers believe that RPA will lead to more productive and efficient working environments, we at Bista are constantly helping businesses to lead this change. With a strong team of developers who can drive this change seamlessly, we can help you understand how RPA can transform your business.

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