NetSuite Salesforce Integration Benefits

Salesforce Integration

The very best of both benefits of NetSuite and Salesforce Integration:

Integrating Salesforce with Netsuite means your sales staff can timely manage connections and reconcile purchases and shipping plans. Before a crucial deal is sealed and closed down, the order can be moved into Netsuite, products/inventory can be confirmed, and the credit confirmation of your client will be then prepared and refined. Having real time data for Netsuite tools from Salesforce, and vice versa, means conserving time and increasing client satisfaction at all degrees of the procedure, and all your customer information is retained and maintained in sync, staying away from problems in communication and control/handling.



There are multiple reasons to utilize Salesforce and Netsuite, but most of them revolve around streamlining your customer conversation and relationship. Netsuite integration offers a seamless route from lead management to cash collection, which boosts your company’s cash flow and reduces potential mistakes from manual order admittance.

Other benefits include:

  • Streamlined and smooth process flows i.e CRM from Salesforce and invoicing/fulfillment from NetSuite
  • Increased timeline management and sales accuracy.
  • Real time data in Salesforce and Netsuite Financials.
  • Improved customer support and satisfaction by eliminating tiresome and monotonous manual accessibility and needless problems from the sales order accessibility process.
  • Real-time awareness for users, for eg: Sales Rep, for their business’ order fulfillment process and billing/invoicing.
  • Streamline your lead-to-cash process and speed up cash flow with seamless movement through from SFA to financials of NetSuite.
  • Ensure timely and correct sales quotes predicated on key data sourced straight from NetSuite Financials.
  • Improve customer support by giving sales groups with real-time back-office awareness into purchases and requests, fulfillment, billing information plus much more
  • Efficiently create appropriate sales quotes.
  • Easily integrate sales and purchases with Netsuite.
  • Synchronize customers, associates, products and costing.


Salesforce is potentially the most effective CRM on the market, but utilizing its full benefits requires your Salesforce integration to be performed by a specialist. It’s not only vital to correlate and transfer data, additionally you desire a way to energize and excite your employees about everything the software provides. For instance, Salesforce integration is more than linking to Netsuite, additionally, it is attaching to DocuSign, GoToMeeting, and some other applications your business will depend on to keep information streaming as well as your Sales person concluding deals.The benefit of NetSuite connector for integration, you can create estimates or sales and purchases in NetSuite in real-time, immediately from Salesforce. As well as your sales force profits function beyond traditional CRM, with the extended idea of comprehensive NetSuite fulfillment/shipping and invoicing information.

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