5 Ways In Which You Can Utilize NetSuite Software To Deliver Superior Customer Experience


As globalization embeds itself deeper into the roots of consumer psychology, manufacturers are faced with the ever-increasing pressure of delivering superior customer service. Be it B2B and B2C, customer service is now a two-way communication where transparency with the consumer is of utmost importance. One way in which businesses, especially manufacturers can uphold the promise made to customers is through implementing a robust manufacturing ERP solution Like Netsuite Software. Something that allows them to stay ahead of the curve and gain a sharp competitive advantage, a manufacturing ERP software like NetSuite software can anticipate customer needs and deliver information at the tap of a button.

Be it work-in-progress or purchase orders. NetSuite software allows manufacturers to dig out any piece of information about the customer from a single screen. Customer’s too no longer have to wait for answers since employees across verticals have access to all delivery related information at the click of the button.

Here’s how you can optimally utilize NetSuite software to benefit your manufacturing business.

netsuite software

  • Get a 360-degree view of existing and potential customers: Netsuite’s advanced CRM and sales modules allow users to get a holistic view of the prospective customers as well current customers that are built into the company’s CRM. However, since sales, purchases, and CRM are all tied into one tool. Netsuite allows you to have aggregated data in one place where all functions of the software solution ‘talk’ to each other. This also allows transparency among the entire organization where anyone has access to the customer stage of sales, enabling seamless tracking of customer journey, simple external communications with the client and also user insights based on the customer’s behavior.
  • Offer value-additions to customers: Netsuite allows you to create a smooth path for your customers to purchase from your business. It also used predictive analytics to offer other products that might add to the kart value of the customer. By giving over and beyond services, Netsuite’s intelligent ERP will help you offer special pricing, repair orders and discounts to customers.
  • Seamless order management: With transparent, efficient, and automated order fulfillment that meets customer expectations. NetSuite software will ultimately help you create loyal customers. Using data from the system, It allows you to uncover the most cost-efficient and expedient path to filling orders via logistics partners, distribution centers, stores, etc.
  • Generate data-driven insights: Unlike other legacy software, NetSuite software eliminates the need for manually intensive spreadsheet reporting and replaces it with data-driven insights. Allowing you to manage costs, streamline procurement, use automated tasks to improve employee productivity, track receivables, and create accounting efficiency. It ultimately produces better visibility, higher efficiency, reduced risk, and stronger compliance.

Consumers tend to spend more time with brands that have positive omnichannel experiences with them. And by adopting NetSuite software, manufacturing businesses can increase their repeat customer rate.

Over the years, Bista has implemented several Netsuite software implementations for clients across the globe.
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