Minimize Your Systems and Increase Your Business with NetSuite

Today, many organisations use multiple software systems in running their Business. To name some, financial software for accounting, CRM for Sales, software for managing warehouse, reporting, customer service etc.


Business Hairball, one business holding multiple software. This is what most of the business leaders are inherited using legacy system. The Hairball system contributes towards huge on-going IT Infrastructure costs, inefficiency in business practices due to double entry and most importantly siloed business practices or rather departmental practices.

As you see the Netsuite Oneworld diagram, on the right hand side, NetSuite offers you a better solution to run your business smoothly and in rapidly


NetSuite comes with an integrated solution, a single cloud based solution for all the departments. NetSuite has capability and functions which enables you to run your business on high cloud. It helps you to unify business process across the organisation; it increases visibility in your business and enables you to make better Decisions. How important is customer acquisition and retention to your business? If you answered anything other than “It’s critically important,” you probably have problems software can’t solve. But for the rest of us, understanding customers and tailoring products and services to their needs is critical to financial profitability and growth. There is a wide range of business software designed to support those goals, but sometimes, deploying these tools can create the opposite result.

Companies often grow in an ad hoc way, piecing together software solutions in a tactical fashion to meet immediate needs. You need accounting so you get a financial management package like QuickBooks. You may also need a system to help manage your inventory, order processing and fulfillment, although some companies try to handle all of this with excel. Many companies need online shopping functionality, so you roll out an ecommerce software solution. If you have a services organization, you likely have an application to handle project management and billing. Some customer data is stored in all of these places mentioned, but most growing companies also need a customer relationship management (CRM) system to manage their leads and prospects. Eventually, this software hairball of unconnected systems with duplicate information leads to increased costs, inefficiencies, and errors.

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