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Turn Master Data into Business Application

Cut Administrative Costs by 35 % while Boosting Productivity. Bista Solutions has a number of years of expertise in analyzing the requirements of Netsuite manufacturing ERPsoftware industry and developing applications to meet their business manufacturing ERP case study needs.

The Challenge

The Organization was facing some of the key challenges:

  1. Lowered productivity and increasing operational costs.
  2. Challenging to keep up with 25,000 customers.
  3. Billing processes suffered from errors and delays resulting from lack of coordination.
  4. Remote access was cumbersome.

The Benefits

  1. Cut administrative operating costs by 35%
  2. Reducing outstanding receivables by 80% and the number of past-due customers by 47%
  3. Integrated business processes have eliminated redundant and overlapping customer data.

The Overview

  1. Producer of barcode software.
  2. Founded in 1995.
  3. Based in Phoenix, AZ.
  4. NetSuite replaced legacy software and spreadsheets.
  5. Running NetSuite across ERP, Inventory, CRM and eCommerce.