Found My Animal

Found My Animal

Turn Master Data into Business Application

Found My Animal Grows Its Business and Rescue Pet Awareness with Bista Solutions has a number of years of expertise in analyzing the requirements offer ERP for security software and developing applications to meet their business ERP for security needs.

The Challenge

The Organization was facing some of the key challenges:

  1. Difficulty maintaining inventory and tracking sales and costs at any given time with its QuickBooks system.

  2. Unable to adapt to a fast-moving business environment with haphazard business processes.

  3. Rapid business growth demanded an upgrade to an integrated business management


The Benefits

  •  400% revenue growth between 2012-2013, with product & promotion donations to animal rescue organizations.
  • Expanded its network of retail partners to over 150 brick-and- mortar & online merchants to over a dozen countries.
  • Unified record of B2C & B2B customers, positioning the company for better sales effectiveness & customer service.

The Overview

  1. Manufacturer of marine-grade accessories for adopted animals to encourage animal adoption.
  2. Based in Brooklyn, N.Y.
  3. Customer since 2012.
  4. Replaced QuickBooks and a Homegrown Website.
  5. Using NetSuite, SuiteCommerce, CRM, Inventory Management, Order Management.