Turn Master Data into Business Application

NetSuite Helps Clothing Maker Grow By 50% While Saving $50,000 Yearly.


  1. Limited growth potential with Sage MAS 200
  2. Manual order processing and warehouse picking slowed shipping and delivery performance
  3. Expecting to double the sales & more wholesale orders
  4. Needed new software operational for the busy season

The Benefits:

  1. Process a 100-line wholesale order in 10 minutes, which previously took 3 days.
  2. 50% boost in warehouse output & mis-picks reduce by 98%.
  3. Financial reports in minutes, compared to 2 days with previous system.
  4. 50% growth & $50k annual saving order server-based system.3-month rollout with NetSuite.


  1.  Clothing Manufacturer.
  2. Based in White Rive Junction, VT.
  3. Using NetSuite, SuiteCommerce, Advanced Financials, ERP & CRM+.
  4. Replaced Sage MAS 200.