About Business Intelligence Reporting

For a better analysis of business growth, the need for business intelligence reports had grown exponentially over the past few years. With the help of business intelligence, the businesses growth can be forecasted easily. Also, some of the features like querying, ad hoc analysis, online analytical processing also known as OLAP promotes better accuracy for report building. We at Bista Solutions provide a wide range of reporting services from Enterprise reporting to Open source reporting solutions we do it all.

As per the latest trend, Self-service BI offered by us comes with real-time, operational, cloud or software as a service reporting system. Currently, business intelligence reporting solutions offered by us include Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, SpagoBI, Jaspersoft. Based on your business requirement and budget we have an end to end BI reporting solutions for every business needs.

We’ve partnered with world’s best technology resources to grow & nurture your business.It doesn’t matter if you’re small & growing, mid-size & agile or large & leading.Under Business Intelligence verticals. Bista Solutions is best-known implementation partner for Tableau, a Cloud Business Intelligence Tool.We are also best-known integration partner for Jaspersoft, a leading Open source BI Tool. And Bista Solutions is best known Spagobi integration partner, an advanced open source BI Software.

Features of Intelligence include:

Connected & Integrated

Well integrated with ERP, BPM & Ecommerce platforms which give complete insights of your business.

Customized Reports

Create your own custom dashboards and track your company’s sales, purchase, Inventory and Growth pattern with our self-service BI tools.

User-Friendly Dashboards

We build highly interactive dashboards that allow you to quickly access what you need at your fingertips summarizing all the reports and KPI’s.

Automated Report Delivery

Schedule your reports and dashboards to be delivered with utmost accuracy and cater every unique need of your audience.

What we offer

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