Firearms ERP

As firearm manufacturers and suppliers, it is critical to manage products, customers, and compliance safely and efficiently. Companies across the arms and defense industry require automation software that can keep their data safe and ease compliance processes to fulfill this need. Odoo is a perfect example of an arms and defense (firearms) ERP system that can help you safeguard and manage operations efficiently.

At Bista Solutions, we have leveraged Odoo ERP to create a tailored solution fit for companies within the Arms & Ammunition industry.

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    Key Features of Our Firearms ERP

    • Auto generation of Serial Numbers
    • Serialization Process (Bottom to Top)
    • Pre-assignment of Serial Numbers
    • Forms generation process
    • ATF Approval Forms
    • Logbook Entries
    • FFL & SOT Management
    Firearms ERP
    Firearms ERP

    Generate Unique Serial Numbers for Parts & Products

    • Easily record parts within a particular assembly
    • Give every part and product a unique serial number based on its quantity
    • Create a robust logbook with the unique serial number, weapon type and model, weapon caliber, and customer delivery address

    Serialization Management

    Why it’s important:

      • The Firearms Industry is heavily regulated via serial tracking and reporting
      • Serialization enables you to identify each individual round of ammunition by marking it via a laser-engraved serial number
      • Whether the item is in the Front location, Production location, or reserved for customer Pickup, it is essential to serialize every single item by location.
    Firearms ERP

    Typical Problems Companies Face with Serialization:

      • Managing serials based on Product and Transaction of Product
      • Managing new serial variants or changes, and integrating the same process with the system
      • Managing Customer/Vendor/In-House to track with unique serial/lot numbers as well as non-tracking products
      • Traceability of Serials during the Manufacturing, Sales, Purchase, Return, Repair, and Subcontract process

    Our Solutions:

      • Managing serials from bottom to top based on Product Hierarchy
      • Managing serials for Special Products where a third party is involved
      • Manage Lot and Non-Tracking Products
      • Manage new serials for product variants or changes
      • Manage serials or create a new serial based on product requirements
      • Configure / Update serials based on requirements
      • Manage Serials during each Process with ease:
        • During Manufacturing, you can easily identify the serials which come IN and go OUT
        • During Sales, you can easily identify the Serials Allocation which gets shipped
        • During Purchase, you can easily identify the Serials which get received
        • During Return, you can easily identify the serials against the Sales, comes back to Shop
        • During Repair, you can easily track serials against the Sales
        • During Subcontract, you can easily identify serials for subcontractor products
    Firearms ERP

    Integrate Our ERP with NFA Tools

    • NFA Tools is a platform that allows you to streamline the process of creating NFA Forms with their web-based tools.
    • Using unique serial numbers created by our ERP system, you can easily generate ATF form records with the NFA Tools. Including:
      • Form 2 for your products
      • Form 3, 4, 5 for shipments based on customer type
    • Combining Odoo with NFA Tools essentially allows you to manage these forms efficiently.

    Track & Fill ATF Forms

    • Track form status as:
      • Pending
      • Awaiting Approval
      • Approved
    • Once forms are approved, you can simply attach form-related documents and they will be reflected automatically in Odoo.

    Automate Product Returns

    • Return request forms can be strengthened by incorporating:
      • Request type (serialized item or accessories)
      • Dealer Information
      • The serial number and year of purchase
    • Our firearms ERP can help you avoid customer duplicates by identifying customer names and merging them with your current customers.

    Validate Product Return Serial Numbers

    • Integrate your customer support form from your website via Odoo ERP
    • Our tailored firearms ERP can validate serial numbers for any products that need to be returned by your customers.
    • If a customer’s return request is rejected, they will receive an automated email stating the cause behind the rejection via our firearms ERP.

    Validate Sales Orders

    • Customers will need to provide valid information before the production or shipment of any product ordered.
      • Our ERP can validate customers for you.
      • Our ERP can ensure shipments and sales orders only go to approved parties after the ATF approvals.
        • Our firearms ERP actually created a database of denied or approved parties and ensures only ATF approved customer orders are processed.
      • In instances where sales orders have expired, our firearms ERP will not permit you to create the order.

    End to End Data Encryption

    • If security is your concern, it is worth noting that our firearms ERP can be encrypted from end to end:
      • This way your work process and bill of materials (BOMs) are safely stored
      • Protects your product-related information so confidential data about raw materials and work operations stay protected against anyone beyond the U.S.A.

    Integration with our ERP and eCommerce platforms

    • With our firearms ERP being open-source, integrating it with third-party systems like WooCommerce, or any other eCommerce platform, is possible.
    • With this integration, all orders that have been completed in WooCommerce can be fetched to our ERP.
      • This way, the ERP will have the Sale Order, Invoice, and Shipment details

    Our ERP Database Apps

    1. Ensure Business Compliance
      • All validations and approvals needed from the government will be managed in our firearms ERP:
        • Form 2: Does not need a customer; it is required as soon as a serial number is produced and upon approval can be used in the shipment reservation process.
          • ATF Forms and NFA Tools are a part of Form 2
          • This form is required for each process within the firearms industry.
            • Especially for when we produce anything from manufacturing, this form is required to validate that product.
              • Whatever we send to the customer, and based on the product and customer nature, form 3, 4, and 4 are required.
              • Based on customer configurations, the forms will be validated
            • Form 3: Used by arms and ammunition dealers, dealerships and distributors.
            • Form 4: Used by individuals
            • Form 5: Used strictly by the government
    Firearms ERP
    Firearms ERP

         2. Firearms LogBook

      • All transactions are logged in here:
        • Destroy – On Scrap
        • FFL Transfer – ATF Form Type 3
        • Receive – for Purchase Orders
        • Serialize – for Manufacturing Orders
        • Exempt Transfer – ATF Form Type 4/5
        • Undefined
      • Additionally, our ERP has a scheduler running in the Firearms Logbook that automatically updates the E-Bound Book (Easy Bound Book)
        • Separate ATF Compliant software passes the data from our ERP to the E-Bound Book
        • Since the E-Bound Book is a journal that everyone in the firearms industry has in order to keep track of each and every serial number (i.e. inventory movements with specific serial numbers; whether it is produced or shipped serial numbers), our scheduler helps the firearms industry clients with their audit and compliance process

          3. AWS GovCloud

      • This is the infrastructure
        • Hosting compliance with ITAR Requirements
        • Hosting this solutions and design of these solutions must fall within the guidelines
        • In order to meet ITAR compliance with hosting the ATF website (manual form) for Form 2, users must upload it manually from outside the system
    Firearms ERP
    Firearms ERP

         4. FFT / SOT

      • Within an ATF Details tab, this includes sections such as:
        • FFL License Number
        • FFL EIN
        • FFL License Expiration Date
        • FFL Type
        • SOT Control Number
        • SOT Expiration Data
        • SOT Class

    Benefits of our Arms & Ammunition ERP for Manufacturers

    Our team specializes in offering a Firearms ERP that is fully functional and compliant with ATF regulations. Additionally, we provide a powerful Odoo MRP to support your manufacturing operations. Drawing on our extensive experience working with Firearms manufacturers, we can implement industry-specific technologies to optimize your engineering and production processes.

    Order Management

    Integrated E-Bound Book


    Planning and Scheduling

    Supply Chain Control

    Supplier Parts Inspection

    Streamlined Procurement

    Shop Floor Control

    Quality Management

    Product Data Management

    Financial Management

    Inventory Management

    Benefits of our Arms & Ammunition ERP for Distributors

    Our ERP solution is tailored to meet the unique needs of Firearms Distributors. By utilizing this solution, you can streamline your entire business operations, including ATF compliance, handling warranty returns, maintaining weapons, preparing for trade shows, and allowing off-site employee use. The solution is designed to automate every aspect of your daily operations, providing you with increased efficiency and accuracy.

    Complies with ATF Ruling 2016-1 & 2021R-05f Software Requirements

    Full ATF Bound Book Reports

    Firearms Tracing Requests

    Federal Excise Tax Collection

    Complete Inventory Visibility

    Expedited Fulfillment

    Marketing Automation

    Omnichannel Sales Management

    Streamlined Procurement

    Self-service Vendor Portals

    Pre-configured Roles and Dashboard

    Financial Management

    Benefits of our Arms & Ammunition ERP for Retailers

    By utilizing our Firearms ERP Solution, you can effectively manage your stores, range sales, reservations, client verification, lane allocation, and membership services, all with seamless integration. With this solution, you can accelerate the growth of your business, due to its tailor-made features designed specifically for retailers in this industry.

    In-store POS

    Integrated E-commerce

    Online Lane Reservation

    Multiple vendor Integration

    Recurring Billing

    NRA Integration

    Catalog Import

    Social Media Integration

    Strong CRM

    Business Intelligence