ERP System for the arms and defense industry.

As defense manufacturers or suppliers, it is critical to manage products, customers, and compliance safely and efficiently. Companies across the arms and defense industry require automation software that can keep their data safe and ease compliance processes to fulfill this need. Odoo is one such arms and defense ERP system that can help you safeguard and manage operations efficiently.

Let’s have a look at what Odoo arms & defense ERP can do for you. 

Generate unique serial numbers for parts and products

It is incredibly crucial for defense and arms manufacturers or wholesalers, to record, track and manage assembly parts and products efficiently. With a robust arms and defense ERP like Odoo, you can easily record the parts within a particular assembly. Using Bista’s serialization customization, you can give every product part a unique serial number according to its quantity. This unique serialized number can also be further used to identify any problems affecting the final product.

To manage your parts and products strategically, Odoo also allows you to create a robust logbook with the unique serial number, weapon type, model, weapon caliber, and customer delivery address.

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Integrate Odoo with NFA Tools –

NFA Tools is a platform that allows you to streamline the process of creating NFA forms with their web-based tools. Using the unique serial numbers created by Odoo, you can easily generate ATF form records with NFA Tools. Be it Form 2 for your products, or form 3, 4 or 5 for shipment based on customer type, NFA Tools and Odoo integrator can help you manage forms efficiently.

Track and fill ATF forms easily -

With this Odoo and NFA Tools integration, you can also track form status as ‘pending’, ‘awaiting approval’, or ‘approved’. Once your forms are approved, you can simply attach form related documents and they will reflect automatically in Odoo.

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Automate product returns with Odoo arms & defense ERP –

Strengthen your customer team with return request forms requiring the request type (serialized item or accessories), the dealer information, the serial number and year or purchase. Odoo arms and defense erp can help you avoid customer duplicates by identifying customer names and merging them with your current customers.

Validate product return serial numbers –

We can integrate your customer support form from your website directly with Odoo. Our Odoo customization can also help you validate the serial numbers for any products that need to be returned by your customers. If the customer’s return request is rejected, Odoo can send an automated email to them stating why their request has been rejected.

Integrate WooCommerce with Odoo –

Because of Odoo’s open source nature, it can also easily be integrated with WooCommerce or any other eCommerce platform that you use. With integration, all orders that have been completed in WooCommer can be fetched to Odoo. This way, Odoo will have the sale order, invoice, and shipment details.

Validate sale orders –

If any information required for the sales orders have expired, Odoo will not allow you to create the orders. Customers need to have valid information before production or shipment of any product ordered. Odoo can validate customers for you and make sure that shipments and sales orders only go to approved parties after ATF approvals. Odoo creates a database of denied or approved parties and ensures that only ATF approved customers orders are processed.

End to end data encryption –

Arms and defense ERP systems like Odoo can also be encrypted from end-to-end so that your work process and bill of materials are safely stored. This data encryption also protects your product related data so that the confidential data about raw materials and works operations cannot be seen by anyone outside USA.

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    How Bista can help

    We at Bista understand the criticality of operations and regulations in the defense and arms industry. A fully integrated arms and defense ERP like Odoo allows manufacturers and distributors to manage their compliance, ecommerce, and customers, companies. With Odoo’s software strength and Bista’s implementation expertise, you can easily comply with regulations and avoid any uncertainties in your business.

    With a unified ERP system, we can help manufacturers and distributors create a streamlined approach, manage orders, verify customers, transactions and other activities.

    If you would like to work with us to implement arms and defense ERP software for your business, please reach out to us on or at +1 (858) 401-2332. You can also reach us through our contact us form.