Medical Device ERP

As a medical device company, you understand the importance of producing high-quality products that meet regulatory requirements. However, with a wide range of operations and processes involved, managing your business can become complex and overwhelming. This is the first sign that you need Medical Device ERP Software.

A medical device business’ primary goal is to develop innovative tools that assist people in becoming healthier. Yet the sector is hampered by inefficiency and extra costs, which are turning its own processes and bottom lines unhealthy. In the production of medical devices, there is no space for error. Any kind of drop in quality or inability to follow regulations might result in large penalties as well as a drop in sales. Organizations are compelled to manually enter data across several systems without a smart software solution, which is a time-consuming procedure that exposes them to omissions and errors. 

The adoption of medical device manufacturers’ business-specific ERP solutions has grown essential. To achieve severe compliance and quality criteria, the medical device sector requires sophisticated quality management-specific software that is tailored to not only the industry but the company as well.

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    What is a Medical Device?

    Before we jump into the technicalities of an ERP for the medical device industry, we must define a medical device. A medical device is any instrument, apparatus, machine, software, implant, or other similar article intended for use in the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of disease or other medical conditions. Medical devices can range from simple devices like thermometers and blood glucose monitors to complex equipment like MRI machines and robotic surgery systems.

    Common Problems in the Medical Device Industry

    Now that we know what it is, let’s talk about why this industry would benefit from a tailored business management system. The medical device industry is highly regulated, and manufacturers must adhere to strict guidelines to ensure the safety and efficacy of their products. However, there are several common challenges that companies face, including:

    • Maintaining compliance with regulations such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and ISO 13485. (DEVICE MANUFACTURING***)
    • Managing complex supply chains that involve multiple vendors, suppliers, and distributors.
    • Ensuring product quality and consistency throughout the manufacturing process.
    • Optimizing inventory management and logistics to reduce costs and improve efficiency.
    • Facilitating collaboration and communication between departments, suppliers, and customers.

    Key Benefits of a Medical Device ERP

    Implementing an ERP system can help medical device companies address these challenges and streamline their business operations. Here are some key benefits of using a medical device ERP:

    • Regulatory Compliance: With features like document control, audit trails, and quality management, an ERP system can help you maintain compliance with regulatory standards.
    • Improved Supply Chain Management: By integrating your supply chain with your ERP system, you can track inventory levels, manage orders, and reduce lead times.
    • Enhanced Product Quality: By providing real-time visibility into your manufacturing processes, an ERP system can help you identify and address quality issues before they become major problems.
    • Increased Efficiency: By automating manual processes and streamlining workflows, an ERP system can help you reduce errors and improve productivity.
    • Better Collaboration: With features like messaging, shared calendars, and project management tools, an ERP system can help you improve communication and collaboration across departments and teams.

    Our Key ERP Modules for Medical Device Companies

    By leveraging one of the most intuitive, comprehensive and cost-efficient ERP systems, our team has built a one-stop-shop type of ERP system for the medical devices industry. The following are just some of the many modules our medical device ERP has to offer:

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    Medical device manufacturing is a complex process that involves multiple stages and requires strict adherence to regulatory requirements. With a manufacturing module, you can manage your production schedules, track your work orders, and monitor your production costs. This can help you improve your manufacturing efficiency, reduce production lead times, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
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    Quality management is critical in the medical device industry, where safety and reliability are of utmost importance. With a quality module, you can manage your quality processes, track non-conformities, and perform root cause analyses. This can help you ensure that your products meet regulatory requirements and customer expectations, while reducing the risk of product recalls and legal issues.
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    Effective inventory management is crucial for medical device companies, who need to maintain the right levels of stock to meet customer demand while minimizing inventory costs. With an inventory module, you can manage your inventory levels, track your stock movements, and automate your stock replenishment processes. This can help you optimize your inventory levels, reduce stockouts, and ensure timely delivery of your products.
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    In the medical device industry, sales are often complex and require a high level of customization. With a sales module, you can manage your sales processes, create custom quotations, and track your sales orders. This can help you improve your sales efficiency, enhance your customer experience, and increase your sales revenue.
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    In the highly competitive medical device industry, it's important to maintain strong relationships with your customers. A CRM module can help you manage your customer interactions, track your leads and opportunities, and automate your marketing processes. This can help you improve your customer service, boost customer satisfaction, and increase your sales.
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    In the medical device industry, financial management is critical. With an accounting module, you can manage your financial transactions, automate your invoicing and payment processes, and generate financial reports. This can help you streamline your financial operations and make data-driven decisions based on accurate financial information.
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    Medical device companies rely on a wide range of suppliers and vendors to produce their products. With a purchase module, you can streamline your procurement processes, manage your vendor relationships, and automate your purchase orders. This can help you reduce costs, manage inventory more effectively, and ensure timely delivery of the materials and components you need to manufacture your products.
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    Medical device companies often have complex projects that involve multiple teams and stakeholders. With a project management module, you can track your project timelines, manage your tasks and resources, and collaborate with your team members. This can help you complete your projects on time and within budget, while maintaining high quality standards.
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    Companies in this industry typically need to follow set regulations, such as HIPAA Compliance (at the enterprise and infrastructure levels). Whatever the situation may be, our ERP can be integrated and tailored to meet specific, established requirements. Furthermore, our team is trained and certified to implement and integrate compliance standards.

    A medical device ERP can help you streamline your business operations, improve quality, and maintain regulatory compliance. By implementing our ERP, you can leverage a range of customizable modules to meet the unique needs of your organization.

    Consider the following features when choosing Medical Device Manufacturing ERP Software:

    Medical device companies must regularly look beyond basic functioning and focus more on scalability and flexibility – elements that will aid in the preservation of a business model that is robust enough to withstand upheaval. In order to efficiently control quality and track product information, medical device manufacturers should implement ERP systems capable of managing manufacturing, purchasing, documentation, and traceability.

    • Provide a total manufacturing process audit trail.
    • Fulfill quality standards.
    • Traceability
    • Ensure regulatory adherence.
    • Capacity to maintain data on approved vendors and suppliers.
    • Fully Integrates engineering, purchasing, accounting, and project management.
    • Create Error proof production process setup.

    Why is Bista Solutions the ideal option for your Medical Device ERP Implementation?

    We have over 2 decades of experience servicing companies across different sectors, including the medical device industry.

    • We are the oldest and more accredited Odoo Gold Partners.
    • We have won Odoo Best Partner across North America on five separate occasions
    • We provide tailored ERP solutions
    • We have a team of skilled developers, as well as functional and technical consultants
    • We provide 24/7 support and are known to assist customers after implementations (See OUr Customer Testimonials)


    To properly leverage the tailored Medical device ERP for specific business objectives, it is critical to work closely with ERP experts. We will do whatever it takes to ensure your problems are heard and resolved through our implementation and support services. Our team strives to help you meet specific company goals; from deployments and updates to integrations and modifications. Are you ready to expand your medical device manufacturing operations? 

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