ERP for Health Care Industry

Every industry is combining its efforts with technology to keep up with the growing competition. The healthcare industry utilizes modern medical treatment facilities too though, but the key to being competitive in this market is to implement an effective healthcare service ERP.


Common challenges faced by Health care sector

  • Inability to get a comprehensive view of all operations.
  • Patient Data Management
  • Proper patient Engagement
  • Strict Regulations and Compliance policy 
  • Changing treatment policy 
  • Financial Overview and Cost Management
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Key Features of Odoo Healthcare Service ERP

Healthcare Service ERP

OPD Management-

With Odoo features, you can easily handle patient admission. It controls the whole journey. You can easily retrieve patient history and billing information.

  • Patient Portal & Registrations
  • Alert Manager
  • Doctor Appointments and Scheduling
Healthcare Service ERP

Patient Data Management –

Odoo manages patient details like medicament, diseases, lab tests, etc efficiently.

  • Patient card Report
  • Patient Medication & Vaccination History
  • Past Appointments & Discharge Details
  • Lab Test & Medication Details
  • New Born Cards
Healthcare Service ERP

Billing Management-

Odoo provides automated procedures for billing, payments, and collections, allowing for accurate and fast access to billing data and limiting revenue leaks.

  • Account Receivables
  • Doctor Payouts
  • IP ER Billing system
  • Payment Methods
Healthcare Service ERP

Human Resource Management –

Odoo Healthcare ERP has a complete Human Resource solution that boosts productivity, reduces expenses, and boosts employee satisfaction.

  • Employee Shift scheduling
  • Employee life-cycle management
  • Recruitment and Promotion
  • Training Program Management
Healthcare Service ERP

Operation Management –

Odoo facilitates the smooth running of your hospital’s operations department.

  • Facility Management
  • Housekeeping Activity Management
  • IPD Management
  • Central Sterile Supply Department Management
Healthcare Service ERP

Stay HIPAA-Compliant –

Our ERP takes care of HIPAA compliance. Our ERP is HIPAA compliant. We frame your entire compliance structure

Why Healthcare Service ERP is important?

The healthcare industry is expanding and creating new possibilities, but it also confronts a number of obstacles. By using Right Healthcare Service ERP, the healthcare sector can embrace digital transformation and provide high-quality patient care while being cost-effective.

  • Maximize ROI
  • Boost Staff Productivity and Collaboration
  • Improve Patient Experience and Engagement
  • Increased Visibility
  • Streamline processes

Odoo ERP for better healthcare Management

Odoo is a business management suite that centralizes data from all the crucial components of the healthcare industry, from accounting to procurement to project management to supply chain operations. It facilitates the seamless flow of data across all of these connected systems, helps to improve the accessibility and quality of patient care, streamlines processes, and lowers total costs.

  • Modular Structure to offer a comprehensive view of every operation
  • Flexible to grow with the change in Treatment Technology and policy
  • Proper Data Management and Reporting
  • Maintaining patient safety
  • Odoo HIPPA Compliance and Other Regulatory Compliance
  • Easy Integration with devices, equipment, and other third-party applications.

Most Trusted Health Care service ERP Implementation partner-

  • We have 3 Decades of experience implementing ERP solutions across industries.
  • We are Most Awarded “Best Odoo Gold Partner” (2023, 2022,2021, 2018, 2016 & 2014)
  • We can integrate any functionality required to satisfy the needs of your healthcare organization.
  • Our high-quality automation solutions are equipped to face future difficulties, and you can quickly transform healthcare services digitally.
  • We have a team of 350 +  Odoo ERP developers on board who have firsthand knowledge of cutting-edge tools and technology.
  • Using Our Healthcare ERP software, you can easily simplify essential administrative and other departmental procedures.
  • We have a tailored healthcare service ERP  that enables quick and secure database access from a range of devices. We have developed over 2000 custom apps.
  • We provide Global 24/ 7 Support services.

This is truly a revolutionary time for the healthcare sector to embark on your Digital transformation journey with Healthcare Service ERP.

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