Odoo Implementation Success Pack

Odoo Success Pack is a package of premium services from the dedicated consultant. A dedicated consultant will be assigned during the implementation phase, who will analyze your business requirement and configure the apps as per requirement. Incase of Odoo Custom apps, our consultant will adopt all apps as per the subscription. The consultants will also train you to use each app and teach you how to best use odoo functionality to grow your business.

A dedicated experienced consultant will be your point of contact to help you achieve your ERP implementation goal.

What will “the dedicated consultant” do?

Before the implementation phase, our consultant will analyze the way your business operations run and suggest best ways to use odoo. They will also handle all the configuration and training that is required to use Odoo. This process is achieved through planned sessions by our consultant, who will analyze your business in-depth to see what can be improved in line to increase the efficiency of the systems, keeping your needs and requirements in mind.

What if I need custom development and ad hoc integration?

As the best Odoo Gold Partner, we provide advanced custom development for all odoo apps. We offer project management services, custom development, support and on-premises installation & integrations. We charge on hourly or daily basis depending upon the project work required.

Which Odoo success pack is right for my
business requirement?

Not sure which success pack to choose? Simply contact us and we will guide you through it.

Bista Odoo Success Pack comes in
3 different packages


Hour 50




Small Odoo Success Pack Includes:

Configure & Implement all basic Apps


Hour 100




Medium Bista Odoo Success Pack offers:

Configure all Basic Apps

Advanced Apps Like




Basic Customization


Hour 200




Large Bista Odoo Success Pack includes:

Everything from medium pack

Advanced customization

Advanced data import

Database migration

Setup & Implementation

Subject Matter Expertise

Subject Matter Expertise. We are the best Odoo Gold Partner Company. We have decades of odoo implementation experience and tremendous product knowledge. Our Odoo consultants carry vast experience in their respective domain or module. We segregate our departments on the basis of modules/ domains. Each department consists of resources with expertise in that domain or module like Odoo Accounting Department, Inventory Management Department, etc. These departments have subject matter expertise in selected domains or modules.

Here at Bista Solutions Inc., we have moved from a traditional package-based model to a customer-based model in order to provide greater customer satisfaction, as well as offer our customers the best and the most efficient solution. To learn more about Bista Odoo Success packs, please contact us.