Power Bi

Power BI is a business analytics suite to analyse data and share insights.


    Power Bi

    Power BI is a business analytics suite to analyse data and share insights.


      What is Microsoft Power BI?

      Microsoft Power BI

      Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence tool that allows you to gather business insights from your on-premise or cloud stored data. It connects your sources, visualizes what’s important and helps you share that with anyone you want.

      Power BI visualizes your data through immersive, coherent, and interactive dashboards that give you insights at scale and enable you to take strategic, actionable insights.

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      How Microsoft Power BI can help?

      Microsoft Power BI helps you to read data, create insights, forecast and implement a plan of action on a wide range of business priorities:

      • Collaborate quickly - With Power BI you can collaborate quickly within your organization when you’re on the go. It delivers you data on one easy screen to meet both your self-service and organizational data analytics needs.
      • Delve deep into data - You can also integrate your existing applications like Salesforce, Dynamics and Google Analytics with Microsoft Power BI. These can be embedded to help you visualize data in an interactive and intuitive way so you can consume quickly and delve deeper into the data  with a targeted approach.
      • Consume and share data faster - Any Microsoft Power BI report can be seamlessly integrated across Microsoft applications such as Teams and SharePoint online. This gives you the ability to consume and share information across the organization in just a few clicks.

      What Microsoft Power BI can do.


      • Manage and showcase data - You can alter your data sets to highlight insights, create and manage your data relationships for your company to consume. These data flows can be managed to illustrate specific business learnings or any other data observations. With a wide range of pre-built visual interfaces, you can layout your findings and visuals that read like a narrative.
      • Create interactive reports - Every person across your organization can utilize Power BI to create powerful reports. You can customize how your reports will be consumed on desktop and mobile devices. You can also choose the themes and colors of the report to suit your customers.
        To ensure your audience gets most of your reports, you can even add custom Q&A buttons making your reports interactive. These can be published for everyone to access and you can simply monitor the consumption from any device
      • Generate real-time analytics -  Be it on-ground factory sensors or online social media conversations, Power BI can help you get access to real-time analytics so you are always connected with your organizational movements to be able to make timely decisions.
      • Visualize and customize data from excel - Excel has been a useful tool for analysts to track and interpret data for years. With Microsoft Power BI, business analysts can publish data and visuals from excel to Power BI by modelling and customizing data much more easily.
      • Optimizing Machine Learning models - By combining AI with Power BI, you can connect directly with data sources wherever they are including real-time and streaming data- both on premise and cloud. You can find insights from both structured and unstructured data, including text and images to project and create forecasts.

      Power BI Products


      Power BI Desktop - It is a free application that you can download on your computer. Power BI Desktop allows you to connect with, visualize and transform your data. With this app you can integrate data from all your existing applications to create ‘data models’. These data models then let you create visual reports that you can share with your colleagues and peers.

      Power BI Pro - With Power BI Pro, you can share dashboards, publish content to other workspaces, subscribe to dashboards and reports, and share with other users with a Pro license.

      With a premium subscription, you get access to:

      • Larger scale and performance
      • Unified self-service and enterprise BI
      • Extension to on-premises BI with Power BI Report Server
      • Support for data residency by region (Multi-Geo)
      • Sharing data with anyone without purchasing a per-user license

      Power BI Premium - This version of the product let’s you get dedicated and enhanced resources for your business, so that your employees can use Power BI to maximize its performance potential.

      With Power BI Premium you get access to Power BI Report Server, which allows you to access all enterprise reporting capabilities of SQL server reporting services along with rich, interactive reports. With visual data of these reports, your business can make decisions faster and better.

      Power BI Mobile-

      Be it Android, Windows or iOS, with Power BI mobile, you can access live Power BI dashboards and reports on any device. You can even access on-premises data stored in SQL Server, or cloud data.
      Power BI Embedded-

      This feature of Microsoft Power BI enables restricted access to your sensitive company information, so that only specific, relevant users view that data. It also allows you to keep user information secure by giving you the power to identify and authenticate users at your end.

      Why Power BI

      • Your entire business on one dashboard- With Microsoft Power BI you can get all the business information from one simple screen. Even if you are using various other applications, you can integrate data from all those software and monitor your important data with the touch of a button.
      • Create stunning interactive reports- Power BI Desktop gives you tools to transform, analyze, and visualize data. You can share reports in seconds with your organization using Power BI on the web.
      • Consistent analysis across your organization- With Microsoft Power BI you can easily build robust, reusable models over your data to provide consistency across reporting and analysis in your organization.
      • Easily embed BI and analytics in your app- It enables you to deliver stunning interactive reports in your app with Power BI Embedded services.

      Power BI based insights from your ERP system

      While Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems can unify and centralize your business operations, it is always beneficial to add another functionality of attractive measurement reports to your ERP.

      One of the key features of Power BI is that it can be seamlessly integrated with any software that you are using. It can be directly connected to your ERP software to transform your ERP insights into interactive reports. Be it Odoo or NetSuite, Power BI can be easily incorporated into your existing infrastructure, resulting in a fully-functional system that gives you deeper business insights.

      How we can help

      White-Glove Implementation - On-shore and off-shore team to support your digital transformation needs and implement Power BI to help you turn information into actionable insight.

      Technical Expertise - Full stack-team of developers who use Agile Methodology to provide consolidated services throughout the various phases of enterprise solution development.

      Customer-first approach - We not only implement Power BI, but also handhold you till the support & migration services have been completed. With customer service as our top-most priority, we also have a dedicated 24x7 support center to help our clients whenever they need us.


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