According to a recent report, the Cannabis industry is poised to reach $21 billion by 2021. With this exponential growth laying ahead its the road, there is also an increasing pressure on Cannabis companies to enhance quality, perform better and optimize operations. Lack of these advantages and running businesses without capable tools and cannabis software can not only affect growth but also give a severe competitive disadvantage. This is why most Cannabis companies are now seeing the potential of cannabis software and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems that can help them track production, gain insights and improve operations. Here’s how getting an ERP software, can help your business.

Tracking growth and production

If you grow, process or distribute, Cannabis software can help you track and log every movement of your plant. With easy log harvest information, Cannabis tracking software allows you to efficiently create a digital notebook allowing you to record plant weight, quality, quantity and harvesting timelines. With Cannabis software or Cannabis ERP solution, you can also keep a track of bulk fresh cannabis, flowers, oils, etc. With a tailored module, it will also allow you to record the manufacturing process and help the machine learn your way of functioning.

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    Enhanced Customer Service 

    With cut-throat competition among Cannabis companies. The streamlining process and deliver excellence to their customers, ultimately building families of loyalists.

    Cannabis software enables you to maintain a comprehensive and robust client database with all their information available at the tap of a button. By creating easy-to-fill custom forms in Cannabis Software, you can also have your clients reach out to you and maintain a streamlined client database.

    Accelerated growth 

    Growth often translates to the efficiency of operations, staff, policies, and inventories. A robust Cannabis software can lead to the exponential growth of an organization by providing real-time updates and dashboards by increasing transparency and visibility across the entire organization. A well-tailored Cannabis ERP system can not only help you investigate your company’s sales, finances, and supply chain, but also support functions like product launches, price schedules, and production increases. All of this ultimately comes together to build a strong and informed decision-making process.
    Regulatory Compliance 

    States across North America are constantly making amendments to regulatory compliances and policies related to cannabis businesses. To keep pace with these developments. the Cannabis ERP system provides you with one central database with integrated reporting. Allowing you to manage all complexities of regulatory compliances. This is mostly done through integrated reporting of all compliance initiatives.

    With robust Cannabis software or Cannabis ERP. you can easily maintain and record your licensing requirement, seed-to-sale visibility, waste disposal protocols, and much more.Cannabis software

    Metrc Integration

    Metrc is the regulatory cannabis system trusted by many states in the USA. Government’s trusted cannabis legalization partner. We at Bista help cannabis manufacturing companies by implementing cannabis software with metrc integration.

    With limited resources and a lack of data, governments face extremely high expectations in implementing legalization. Elected officials and the public demand an effective and comprehensive framework for monitoring & tracking the cannabis industry.

    At Bista we help Cannabis Manufacturing companies to integrate Metrc. Metrc itself is a regulatory software solution for cannabis businesses. Metrc makes it easy for licensed cannabis companies to Track, Trace, Trend & Report their inventory to the public and Govt.

    Track – With Metrc monitor and verify reported cannabis inventories in real-time for all licensed cannabis businesses and for all license types in the industry.

    Trace – With this feature, you can trace the product back to its origin, in case it becomes public health concern hold it in the system and alert licensees of the problem until it is resolved.

    Trend –

    Trend analyses the inventory data to assess the risk.

    Distinguish between a complaint and non-complaint behavior.

    It helps to define & identify taxable events.

    Evaluate public policies and measures

    Report – This is reporting system where it utilizes the trended data and shares it with stakeholders.

    It records and constructs criminal cases and shares aggregate data with the public.

    We at Bista help our clients by connecting their systems with the Metrc. We implement ERP solutions with Metrc integration to help them with the regulatory system of the state.

    How Bista Solutions can help?

    Bista Solutions is a world-class company that provides fully integrated software services to meet the unique needs of every business. We have significant expertise in many verticals like Manufacturing, eCommerce, Retail, Vape, Cannabis, Furniture, Telecom, Auto parts and BFSI etc.

    We have successfully implemented and delivered our solutions to many global companies in different markets.

    When it comes to Cannabis Software or Cannabis ERP. Bista has customized and implemented our solutions to many of the clients in many countries Like the USA, Canada etc. Our core focus is to help our clients to reduce costs and have a central common platform for your all business processes.

    With over a decade of experience, we have an established presence in the United States, Canada, UAE, and India. Headquartered in San Francisco, Bista provides services in implementing business applications across ERP, CRM, BPM, Human Capital Management, Business Intelligence (with Big Data and Analytics), and e-Commerce. Having dealt with multiple clients in the cannabis industry, we can bring valuable insights and learnings to help you improve your performance and competency.

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    Cannabis software enables you to maintain a comprehensive and robust client database with all their information available at the tap of a button.

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