About OptoMeat | Custom Meat Processing Software

We understand that meat processing businesses have unique requirements that might not be fulfilled by most ERP solutions in the market. That is why we created OptoMeat ERP, a custom meat processing software designed especially for the meat industry. We consulted with industry experts in the meat processing business and created tailored this solution to meet your needs.

OptoMeat provides the core functions of standard ERP applications and offers customized features designed especially for meat processors.

What can OptoMeat do for you?

With OptoMeat, meat processing businesses can develop insights, cut costs, and increase cohesion. Features such as conversion tracking allow processors to prevent spoilage by automatically moving goods from fresh to frozen after a predefined period.

Using the accounting module, you can also easily integrate promo offers and discounts provided to buyers. Business leaders can see real-time data and summaries for their businesses through the main dashboard.

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    Why Optomeat

    • Manage meat from fresh to frozen to prevent spoilage: OptoMeat ERP enables you to trace your product’s entire lifecycle and track the date and status of their meat. Using this information, you can automate the process of moving goods from fresh to frozen, allowing you to prevent spoilage.
    • Manage perishability of products: Meat processors have many unique requirements that call for features beyond those offered by most ERP applications. Meat is perishable, and companies across the meat industry need to measure and maintain products for long periods.
    • Prioritize selling before spoilage: In such situations, customized software solutions like tracking storage and product movements and prioritized selling before deterioration (e.g., first-expired, first-out) can be transformational.
    • Respond to recalls easily: By monitoring the quality of your products, you can easily respond to recalls with the help of dates of the batches in question. OptoMeat ERP also allows you to issue recalls from the software no matter where you are.
    • Easy to comply with USDA requirements: Meat processors also need to comply with USDA requirements and be prepared for recalls. That is why, OptoMeat ERP has a robust quality management system along with lot/serial number tracking.
    Here’s a quick look at the features of OptoMeat ERP:
    • Complete food traceability
    • Tracking of meat through conversion process (e.g. fresh to frozen)
    • Auto-movement of received products
    • Projections/history for sales, purchases, etc.
    • Tracking of wastage and by-products
    • User-friendly design
    • Easy quality control
    • Apps for additional customization
    • Promotional offer and discount handling
    • Quick and accurate reporting through analytics dashboard

    Screenshots of the Dashboard:

    Meat ERP dashboard reports

    How we can help

    While working with multiple meat processing businesses, we gathered insights from meat industry experts to understand their needs. Our findings led us to the conclusion that, though generic ERP applications were helpful, meat processors needed additional options and features to take full advantage of this software.

    We used insights to tailor OptoMeat into an outstanding custom meat processing software to cater to the needs of meat processing businesses.

    Having worked with over 250 clients across the globe, we have carved our niche to implement meat processing ERP solutions and tailor them to suit your needs.

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