ERP software for the meat processing industry


About OptoMeat | Custom Meat Processing Software

OptoMeat ERP is a custom meat processing software designed specifically for the meat industry.

Meat processors have many unique requirements that call for features beyond those offered by generic ERP applications. For example, meat is perishable, and companies in the industry need ways to maintain their items for as long as possible (e.g. through automated movements in storage) as well as prioritize selling items before they spoil (e.g. first-expired, first-out). Meat processors also need to comply with USDA requirements and be prepared to respond to recalls, both which can be handled through a stellar quality management system and lot/serial number tracking. Unfortunately, many of these features are not offered in standard ERP software.

OptoMeat addresses this by providing the core functions of standard ERP applications along with features designed specifically for meat processors. These features were developed by Bista Solutions with the input and insight of clients in the industry.

ERP for Food/Meat Processors
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Features include:

  • Complete food traceability
  • Tracking of meat through conversion process (e.g. fresh to frozen)
  • Auto-movement of received products
  • Projections/history for sales, purchases, etc.
  • Tracking of wastage and byproducts
  • User-friendly design
  • Easy quality control
  • Apps for additional customization
  • Promotional offer and discount handling
  • Quick and accurate reporting through analytics dashboard

Screenshots of the Dashboard:

OptoMeat custom meat processing software analytics
Upper management can use the analytics dashboard to see an overview of the company, including sales, receivables, purchases, and more.
OptoMeat custom meat processing software lot serial numbers
Track lot #’s for information pertinent to batches

Customer Testimonials:

Is OptoMeat Right For Your Business?


With OptoMeat, businesses in the meat processing industry can develop insights, cut costs, and increase cohesion. Stellar features such as conversion tracking allow processors to prevent spoilage by automatically moving goods from fresh to frozen after a predefined period of time. Using the accounting module, businesses can also easily integrate promo offers and discounts they provide to buyers. Finally, upper management can see real-time data and summaries for their business through the main dashboard.

Bista Solutions created OptoMeat while working with and getting insights from clients in the industry. Though generic ERP applications were helpful, meat processors needed additional options and features to take full advantage of the software. Bista used these requests to tailor-make OptoMeat into an outstanding custom meat processing software for such firms.

Beyond that, customers can use the applications module to add additional components to the software. Bista can also further customize OptoMeat for the individual company’s needs. If you have any questions or think OptoMeat is right for your business, contact us today.