What is UIPath?


Build robust robots or integrate them with your current software


  • Process Mining – Optimize data from your ERP and CRM to understand which processes can be automated
  • Task Capture – Automatically generate a process map for development teams to get to work
  • Automation hub – Gather automation ideas from employees and use automation assessment scores to know what’s worth
  • Task mining – Automatically identify and aggregate process workflows. Apply AI to map tasks to automation opportunities


  • Studio – Automation canvas for business users to advanced developers
  • Studio X – an easy interface, with pre-designed templates and scenarios without any code
  • Document understanding – delegate your PDFs, images, scans to bots with the help of AI


  • Orchestrator – Manage and monitor your digital workforce from your browser or mobile device
  • Automation Cloud – Scalable platform so you don’t have to invest extra in managing your own infrastructure
  • AI Fabric – Deploy, manage, consume or improve machine learning models
  • Test Suite – Centralize testing for every automation and application before they go live


  • Robots- launch the entire robot workforce to quickly deliver higher efficiencies and performance, to drive high ROI


  • Action Centre – Intervene for approvals, exceptions and escalations in any processes being conducted by robots
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  • Insights – Measure, track and forecasts the performance of your automation journey

Automation through processes with UIPath

  • Accounts payable automation
  • Claims processing automation
  • Contact center automation
  • Finance and accounting automation
  • Healthcare payer automation
  • Human resources automation
  • Legal automation
Features UiPath Other RPA tools (Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere)
Prior training before launching projectNot requiredTraining is a key prerequisite
Development and implementation speed Higher than other platformsMuch lower than UiPath
Maintenance Easier to maintainRequires overhead intervention
Community version AvailableNot available
Learning material Easily available on internetNot accessible
Active community forumsStrong community forum to answer all your questionsNot forums to solve complex problems
ArchitectureWeb based orchestratorClient server architecture
AccessibilityBrowser and/or mobile accessApp based access only
RobotsOffers front office & back office robotsOffers back office robots automation only
PricingOffers attractive entry level pricingHigher cost of deployment