What is UiPath?

Digitization has revolutionized the speed at which businesses evolve. As such, the tasks that require manpower cannot always keep up with the pace of the industry. Either due to the fact that the tasks are too tedious and repetitive, or simply because individuals do not have the skill set to keep up with the rapid changes.
That is why automation is needed. As the saying, these days goes: a modern enterprise is a fully automated enterprise.

A fully automated enterprise successfully leverages automation and AI to streamline work across existing systems. It richly interweaves automation into its processes and operations. And it puts automation tools into the hands of both ordinary people and RPA professionals.

To resolve automation issues, the entire IT industry has been looking for a reliable, fast, intelligent, and robust solution. This demand is fulfilled by UiPath.
UiPath is a robotic process automation platform for end-to-end high-scale automation. UiPath software offers solutions for enterprises to automate repetitive office tasks for rapid business transformation. It converts boring tasks into an automation process using multiple tools.

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    UiPath Features

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    Hosting Options

    It can be hosted in cloud environments or virtual terminals.
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    Application Compatibility

    Offers a high range of applications to work with, including web and desktop applications.
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    Centralized repository

    This feature helps for handling all the robots simultaneously by users.
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    Offers auto-login features to run the bots.
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    Advanced Screen Scraping Solution

    Scraping solution that works with any application like .Net, Java, Flash, PDF, Legacy, or SAP, with absolute accuracy.
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    Reliable Tool for Modeling Business Processes

    The UiPath studio offers automation excellence with the help of model business processes.
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    Level of Scalability and Robustness

    Effective debugging and exception-handling mechanisms Artificial intelligence handling daily applications such as Outlook, Excel, PDF, etc.

    UiPath Features

    UiPath has a variety of products to choose from, all of which are divided into 5 main categories: Discover, Build, Manage, Run, and Engage. These products help businesses automate a plethora of their business processes.

    1. Discover

    • Task Mining – Build a high-ROI automation pipeline with AI-powered task analysis
      • On-premises deployment
      • Integrations with Automation Hub and Task Capture
      • PII Masking
    • Process Mining
      • TemplateOne as a starting point for Process Mining analysis tailored to your unique business needs
      • Support for Automation Cloud
    • Automation Hub
      • Customize the detailed assessment
      • On-premises suppor
      • Automation Hub and Studio Integration
    • Task Capture
      • Detect and merge same-screen actions
      • Import from Microsoft Visio
      • Combine two documents
      • Updated diagram editor
    AI Uipath RPA
    UiPath RPA

    2. Build

    • Studio Family
      • Cross-platform automation
      • Object repository in StudioX
      • Runtime governance
      • StudioX – Source control with GIT
      • StudioX – Citizen developer experience improvements
      • AI Powered Next Best Action
      • Marketplace templates now part of Studio template feed
      • Capture All Elements
    • Document Understanding
      • Forms AI: brings the power of AI to processing forms and documents with similar formats, without a need to code.
      • New out-of-the-box models
      • Automation suite support for simplified on-premise deployment
    • Marketplace
      • Integration with Assistant
      • Ready-to-go automations
      • Marketplace templates available in Studio template feed
      • Monetization for custom activities
    • Integration Service
      • A large and growing library of Connectors allowing API automation of nearly any system
      • Easier authentication for developers and users allowing them to simply set-up and manage connections with standardized authentication
      • Triggers – Kick off automations with server-side events
      • Simplified Automation Design – more uniform experience across Studio family
      • Enterprise grade security and governance for APIs allowing automation with control and compliance
      • Connector governance

    3. Manage

    • Automation Cloud
      • Support for additional products in Migration Tool
      • Click try buy experience for cloud service
      • Additional authentication and governance options
    • Automation Suite
      • Enterprise-Ready Suite
      • Flexible installation and easy update
      • Integrated infrastructure and cluster management
    • Orchestrator
      • Package, User and Machine management made easy
      • Robot, Studio and Assistant Auto Update
    • AI Center
      • Improved on-premises install experience
      • Email AI solution template to simplify adoption
      • Project level Access Control
      • New and Improved out-of-the box models
      • Robust data labeling
    • Test Manager
      • Insights
      • Ingesting of all Robot Logs
      • Advanced Reporting
      • Revamped Experience
    Uipath RPA
    Uipath RPA

    4. Run

    • Robots
      • Endpoint Protection integration
      • Robot Auto Healing
      • Runtime Governance
      • Linux Support
    • IT Automation
      • Support for additional container and VDI technologies
      • Google Cloud (GCP) activity pack for identity and Access Management

    5. Engage

    • Assistant
      • Support for Integration Service
      • Discover and install ready-to-go automations from UiPath Marketplace and Internal Automation Store
      • Ability to run automations from the Windows start menu
      • Integration with Task Capture and Automation Hub
    • Apps
      • Support for on-premises
      • More controls including File Upload
      • Expressions
      • Data Service Integration
      • Performance Improvements
    • Action Center
      • Bulk handling of actions
      • Action Management Portal
      • More options to resume a workflow
    UiPath RPA

    Both “Measure and Govern” and “Deliver” are UiPath categories that lay above and below the 5 main categories, and encompass what UiPath is as a whole.

    RPA UiPath

    UiPath & ERP System Integration

    Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software consolidates information, eliminates multiple islands of information, and is a tool businesses already use to manage daily operations. When you take that and combine it with UiPath, you get an even more optimized system.

    Some integrations that can be made with an ERP and UiPath include:

    • ERP System automation
    • Accounting and Finance automation
    • Invoicing automation
    • Account Payable automation
    • Payroll Processing automation
    • Portal with ERP integration
    • Claims Processing automation
    • Contact Center automation
    • Healthcare Payer automation
    • Human Resources automation
    • Legal automation
    UiPath RPA

    Why Bista for RPA: UiPath?

    Bista Solutions leverages ERPs to create tailored solutions for your business. Additionally, our team handles it all. Whether you are looking for management, upgrades, maintenance, or anything of that nature for your tailored solutions, our team will take care of it. This way you can continue working on your business, knowing the back end is optimized and taken care of.

    UiPath is compatible across all industries.

    The Bista team has over 2 decades of ERP experience, with over 250 resources at your disposal. These include certified developers as well as functional and technical ERP and AI automation consultants. Our expertise stretches across ERP implementation, business analysis, AI automation, and digital transformation. Connect with our experts today to see how UiPath can benefit your business, regardless of the industry you are in.