What is Enterprise Mobile Application Development

Enterprise Mobile Apps

Mobility and real-time business insights are the two essential forces that drive business efficiency. A mobile application that acts as a unified business enterprise solution can help you achieve this at your fingertips. Turning your idea into an application, we can help you create an Enterprise Mobile Application that can transform your operational efficiency.

What can an enterprise mobile application do?

Be it external or internal, enterprise mobile apps can help you optimize workflows, manage customers, extend your functionality or generate real-time data. We can help you create a portable and scalable mobile application to help you engage with customers, partners and employees.

Benefits of enterprise mobile application

An enterprise mobile application has many benefits like portability, compatibility and high-level of security. Apart from there are some other key advantages that an enterprise mobile can usher in.
Let’s find out what they are:

eCommerce integration – An enterprise mobile application can act as an eCommerce marketplace allowing you to showcase and sell your products. You can even send notifications to your customers, manage their transactions and let them create user profiles on the application. These can be altered according to the needs of the business and transitioned into a highly customized app.

Accounting and payments integration – Be it for customers, or for internal consumption, an enterprise mobile application can help you control payment deadlines and manage transactions. This allows you to have access to your accounting from any part of the world.
Apart from this, users can also facilitate payments from your application by integrating it with any payment gateway.

Data management – Just like an ERP system, an enterprise app can help you enhance your data management with seamless information analysis, timely corrections and verifications.

Supply chain control – Enterprise mobile applications can help you get better insights of your stock and inventory, and facilitate better planning and transportation management. They can drastically simplify supply chain management and improve overall efficiency.

Better insights – With customized reports and dashboards that can give you deeper insights into your sales, commercial flow, employee timesheets, department performances, customer locations, etc. these apps can give your highly detailed insights into your customers or business.

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What we can do

Our team of developers comes with a rich background of developing scalable apps that meet your business requirements.
We can help you with creating an Enterprise Mobile Application for Android or iOS from scratch:

  • Strategy design and development of the application
  • Advanced framework tailored to your business needs
  • Support for your mobile and version upgradations
  • Bug fixes and regular updates
  • Enhanced user interface to make sure your app users have a seamless experience

Your app could be for any of these requirements

Employee management – These are enterprise applications mostly for internal consumption. They help you measure individual employees’ projects and performances.

Department management – Enterprise mobile applications can effectively be deployed to meet department needs. Beyond optimization of workflows, they can also help you serve your customers better with higher transparency of each company department.

Company flows – Enterprise mobile applications can bring your entire company into one single platform. It not only increases transparency but also, helps with better decision-making. One of the key advantages of an enterprise application is seamless management of your supply chain, projects, inventory, expenses, sales and other key activities.

Business outreach – Enterprise mobile applications can also be your gateway to your customers. With the easy marketplace, geo-location and payments integration, the application can act as your eCommerce marketplace

Enterprise Mobile Application services we can provide

  • Android/iOS mobile apps
  • Backend development of the application
  • API development and integration
  • Payment gateway integration
  • UI/UX of the mobile app
  • Regular mobile app testing

Reach out to us and get a free enterprise mobile app consultation.