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Omnichannel Retail ERP

Synchronize & automate your omnichannel retail
business operations with our ERP solution

What is Omnichannel Retail ERP?

Omnichannel Retail ERP is an ERP system which is integrated with omni-channel retail backend to centralize and streamline data in a way that supports internal business operations and workflow. Retail ERP synchronizes and automatically updates the data on all sales platforms as well as on devices which serve buying process.

With Omni-channel retail ERP you can solve the complexity of managing different sales channel. It offers a solution where you can manage all different channels at one place. Retail omni-channel ERP offers a one stop solution to manage and update data on all platforms at one place, thus increasing the operational productivity.


Benefits of omnichannel retail ERP for online-to-offline stores

By integrating omnichannel retail ERP with online-to-offline stores the unity and synchronization of data is created. Any changes or updates in data will be automatically updated and synchronized on all channels. Here are some of the benefits of omnichannel retail ERP:

1. Reduce Inventory Cost

Omnichannel retail ERP provides a real-time inventory management and helps to manage the exact amount of stock required in warehouse. It supports the retailors to keep track and control the quantity of products & overstocking.

2. Increase in Productivity

The omnichannel ERP limits the human involvement and automates most of the tasks like sales orders, invoices, PO, tracking and shipping etc. thus results in decreasing the task completion time and increases the productivity.

3. Minimum Data Entry

The main feature of omnichannel retail ERP integration is to synchronize and automate all channels. Whenever data is update or any transaction takes place, omnichannel retail ERP automatically updates and manipulates the rest of the information related to that transaction.

omnichannel retail ERP

omnichannel retail ERP

4. Increase In Customer Satisfaction & Retention Rate

Omnichannel retail ERP has quickly responsive feature which increases customer satisfaction on both online and physical store. Omnichannel ERP also allows shoppers to keep track of their orders. It enables retailors to increase their retention rate by sending digital advertisements to their customers via omnichannel ERP.

5. Real-Time Reports

With omnichannel ERP you can access to real-time reports and can easily export reports on daily bases. These reports provide the database which is essential for forecasting and demand generation.

6. Better Business Management

Regardless of multiple SKU’s your store might have and various transactions through different sales channels, you can save a lot of time by automating the repetitive tasks. Omnichannel retail ERP offers one integrated solution for you all the stores online-to-offline. It helps to manage your all the stores at different locations at one place.

What is an effective omnichannel retail ERP?

Recognizing an effective omnichannel ERP depends upon the benchmark of features. Here are the some of the features that our omnichannel ERP offers:

omnichannel retail ERP

1. Inventory Management

Omnichannel businesses are likely to use multiple sales channels, websites, physical stores and marketplaces than other retail stores. It is important for omnichannel businesses to be near to their customers. Omnichannel ERP helps them to achieve this goal by managing all the inventory from one place.

omnichannel retail ERP

2. Warehouse Management

Warehouse management in omnichannel retail ERP controls and manages the warehouse. It has an ability to manage multiple warehouses and to show the availability of stock items in each warehouse.

omnichannel retail ERP

3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM manages all your sales starting from the opportunity-to-lead-to-sale. It manages all the information related to sales and even help to increase customer satisfaction and customer retention rate.

omnichannel retail ERP

4. Purchase Order Management

With purchase order functionality in omnichannel ERP you can select a supplier from list of suppliers managed smartly.  After selection of supplier, you can create purchase order which will calculate all the taxes, cost and discount associated with the purchase.

omnichannel retail ERP

5. Point of Sale (POS)

POS is an in-built feature available in omnichannel ERP and guarantees 10x faster speed and accuracy. With POS, Fastflow of information takes place across all channels. On purchase of any order POS automatically updates all sales channels real-time.

omnichannel retail ERP

6. eCommerce Integrations
Integrating an ecommerce with ERP is important for all retail businesses to have proper transparency and proper business management. Omnichannel retail ERP offers integration across various ecommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Amazon etc.

Barcode Management

7. Barcode Management
Omnichannel Retail ERP can manage thousands of products easily. With barcode management functionality its is easy to generate and print barcodes at mass. You can create barcodes inside ERP for SKU’s with ease.

Omnichannel Retail ERP

8. Loyalty Program

With omnichannel you can manage all your loyalty program like reward points, customer ID or coupons. On redeeming the system automatically updates & synchronizes the details across all channels. It also helps to show the balance and amount redeemed. The transactions are recorded real time.

Omnichannel Retail ERP Case Studies

  • kitchenware direct

    Client Name:- Kitchenware Direct

    Industry:- Manufacturing

    Technology:- Netsuite

  • equipment sales inc

    Client Name:- Equipment Sales Inc.

    Industry:- Retail

    Technology:- NetSuite

  • emarket com

    Client Name:-

    Industry:- Retail

    Technology:- Netsuite

  • kalpa

    Client Name:- Kalpa

    Industry:- Retail

    Technology:- Odoo

  • la ruche aux lots

    Client Name:- LA Ruche Lox Aots

    Industry:- Retails

    Technology:- Odoo

  • Mancrates

    Client Name:- Mancrates

    Industry:- Retail

    Technology:- ERP in cloud

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