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Food Wholesale & Distribution ERP

Decrease the complexity of your food distribution & wholesale business with our Food ERP solution

Food Wholesale & Distribution ERP

Food wholesale & distribution ERP addresses many issues that wholesaler and distributors face on daily bases like food spoilage, regulations, inventory & supply chain distribution. Food distribution and wholesale ERP manages all the inventory arriving from suppliers on different lead times. It includes all items, their description, cost, ingredients, and expiration etc. and then distributing the product through delivery to end users.

Managing wide variety of suppliers is complex and difficult process, Food wholesale & distribution ERP is developed to track and manage all the inventory flow from the arrival of the product to customer delivery. Food Distribution ERP provides a clear view of business and helps in forecasting the future business decisions. It provides the real-time reports to make important decisions. Food distribution and wholesale ERP is a cloud-based ERP that decreases the complexity of food business and provides 360-degree view.


Some Key Food Distribution & wholesale business challenges that Bista can resolve:

1. Increase Sales & Customer Satisfaction

  • Maximize sales with visibility on opportunity and leads
  • Increase sales by forecasting the sales and order pattern from the earlier information stored in CRM
  • Automate order processing with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Manage complex pricing like trade promotions, discounts, coupons, and rebates etc.
  • Manage recalls process and repeat orders at ease

Increase Sales & Customer Satisfaction Food Wholesale & distribution ERP

Food Wholesale & Distribution ERP Supply Chain Management

2. Supply Chain Management

  • Streamlines inventory to match supply and demand
  • Get a more visible view on supply chain by tracking material from the point of supply to destination
  • Quick response to customers and suppliers on new order request through Food distribution ERP
  • Track inventory manufacturing and expiration date and activate the inventory on first order first out bases to reduce the spoilage and increase the customer satisfaction.

3. Manage Recalls Process

  • Food wholesale & distribution ERP manages complete traceability from delivery to total recall
  • It manages the complete movement of product as it is shipped
  • Quick response to recall
  • Quick identification of the lot or supplying warehouse or storage unit

Food Wholesale & distribution ERP

Food Wholesale & Distribution ERP

4. Streamline warehouse and logistics management

  • Improves inventory accuracy & customer service
  • Food wholesale and distribution ERP automates management of warehouse operations like picking, put away, replenishment, shipping, delivery etc.
  • Increases labour efficiency, stops warehouse errors and automated data collection
  • It provides integration with third party logistic systems and automatically manages and updates data
  • Supports all kind of shipment services from small packing to full track load

5. Reduce Return Product Rate

  • With Food wholesale and distribution ERP inventory and delivery errors are eliminated
  • Real time order update with complete information automatically and employee is updated with complete details on real time bases thus eliminating any errors
  • Product return details are fetched against the order and any errors occurred in product delivery are removed quickly

Food Wholesale & Distribution ERP

Food Wholesale & Distribution ERP

6. Enabling Strategic Financial Management

  • Gain real time insight to company performance and capabilities
  • Adhere to support all types of international accounting standards
  • Complete solution to manage all accounting at one place
  • Leverage financial analysis to enable managers forecast future business activities
  • Capable of multi-language and multi-currency
  • Improve strategic performance with 3600 view of business performance

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