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What's Odoo?

Odoo, the world’s most popular ERP software, is an open source application suite for your business needs. It offers Accounting, Sales, CRM, eCommerce, Manufacturing, Inventory, HR, and many other modules.

Odoo’s benefits include:

  • Complete -  select from over 30 Enterprise apps and 18,000 Community apps
  • Affordable -  10-15 times less expensive than alternative ERP solutions
  • Scalable -  simply add users/modules as your business grows
  • Customizable -  open source & easy for partners to customize
  • User Friendly -  intuitive UI both for both basic and advanced users

As an integrated ERP suite, Odoo allows you to avoid the difficulties of multiple disparate software and instead have one connected & efficient system.



Why Choose Bista As Your Odoo Implementation Partner?

Your ERP system is important: it’s the backbone of your business, the way you easily communicate data and information from one place to another, and get insights into how your company is doing.

When implementing Odoo ERP, you want your project done with this in mind. You shouldn’t spend months and months or years with an instance that doesn’t work properly or lacks the features you need to grow.

At Bista, your Odoo needs are handled by the industry’s best. We’re an Odoo Gold Partner, 3X Odoo Best Partner, and have implemented Odoo solutions successfully for 100+ companies.

We will handle your project:

  • In a timely manner: Let us know the timeline you’re looking to get this done, and we will put our team on track to meet that.
  • With respect to your budget: Every company has a different budget and different requirements. If one option doesn’t work, we can offer others to meet your budgetary needs.
  • For your unique requirements: Our team will become experts on your business processes and tailor your solution appropriately.

This will allow you to get the most out of Odoo and grow your business going forward.


More About Bista Solutions:

  • 200+ successful Odoo implementations
  • Odoo Gold Partner
  • Odoo Best Partner 2018
  • Odoo Best Partner 2016
  • Odoo Best Partner 2015
  • Odoo Best Partner Nominee 2017
  • ISO certified implementation methodology
  • Subject-matter experts in Manufacturing, eCommerce, Accounting, & More
  • 200+ developers

odoo gold partner 2015odoo gold partner 2016odoo gold partner 2018

Watch Live Demo of Odoo ERP Modules

Odoo Manufacturing Module

Odoo BOM Demo

Odoo Orders & Scheduling Demo



Odoo ERP Services

Bista offers many Odoo services for your company, including:

Odoo Consultation

Odoo Consultation:

Great relationships begin with listening. At Bista, we will learn about your business, listen to your goals, and then design a solution that will help you meet and exceed those goals.

Odoo Implementation

Odoo Implementation:

Your Odoo implementation should be handled by Odoo experts. We’ll get your system up and running on time, within budget, and for your unique business needs.

Odoo Customization

Odoo Customization:

As an open source solution, Odoo is highly customizable. Tailor it for your unique business needs and turn it into your company’s dream software.

Odoo Integration

Odoo Integration:

If you have a separate software that your company relies on, don’t fear. Bista has hundreds of Odoo integrations so that businesses can retain the value of a connected ERP.

Odoo Support

Odoo Support:

When money is on the table, every second counts. Bista offers 24/7 Support, so that if there is any issue with your system, you can get it resolved as soon as possible.


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