Odoo ERP

As automation gains momentum and digitalization shape the contours of business processes, there is an increasing need for businesses to pace up their processes and match the increasing speed of emerging technologies. With these developments deeply embedded in the fabric of all industries, ERP has emerged as one of the most talked-about technologies in recent years. Especially helpful to SMEs, ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is the process that breaks silos and brings together disparate verticals into one integrated system. One of the most efficient ways to do is through Odoo ERP- an intelligent tool that unifies the company’s financials, supply chain, operations, reporting, manufacturing, and human resource activities.

    Five signs that you need an ERP system

    1. You have disparate systems: If you currently have different tools in place for various organizational activities, but these tools do not interact with each other, you need a new ERP system that integrates all your verticals into one simple tool.

    2. Your organization is operating in silos: If your business has multiple verticals and offices across the globe or even different verticals across your business, your business probably lacks transparency. Visibility of operations is one of the most important things when it comes to efficient business processes, and if your business is lacking this key feature, you need a robust ERP system.

    3. You can’t track internal operations efficiently: If your multi-vertical business has their own ways of documenting each process and you are not able to measure the efficiency of these processes, you need a system that brings everything together for better measurability and efficient business decisions.

    4. Your systems can’t accommodate mobile clients and staff: You have multiple customers across locations, and you are not able to give them real-time updates due to a lack of data accessibility.

    5. Your current software is putting limits on your market expansion: If your current software if not giving you a competitive advantage over everyone else in your industry, you need a new ERP system.

    Why Odoo ERP is important for you?

    1. Sales – Odoo sales allow you to generate accurate and complete quotations to your prospective clients. The sales module also allows you to design, implement, and adjust your pricing strategy to maximize revenue. By automating sales operations like quotations, sales orders, contract management, and Odoo sign, you can channel your energies toward customer relationships and revenue. Read more

    2. CRM – Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is all about gathering leads and it goes without saying that CRM is a significant process for any custom setups. Odoo ERP provides the most efficient and reliable CRM services that will assist you in organizing activities, help track your leads, and get all the information you need for smart decision-making. Read more…

    3. Point-of-Sale – this is an all-in-one perfect solution when it comes to handling your Shops, restaurants, Accounting, and Sales. Odoo ERP has a comprehensible, user-friendly interface that can be used on iPods, tablets or laptops. Read more…

    4. Automatic Invoicing – When it comes to simplifying your invoicing processes, Odoo ERP is the answer to all your questions. With its user-friendly application, you can create invoices from sales orders, and delivery orders or base them on time and material. Odoo invoicing module can be scaled as per your business requirement. Read more…

    5. Subscription – Managing subscription-based services or products is not easy and also analyzing the future demand for your product, but with Odoo ERP Subscription App you can manage all these to a huge source of revenue for your business. You can create your own subscription plan and propose it to your customer. Read more…

    6. Marketing – When it comes to marketing, many businesses choose to have different tools for emailing, social media marketing and surveys. But with Odoo you get everything in one simple screen. From marketing automation to mass mailing and now even social media posting and measurement, Odoo gives you a 360-degree solution to all your marketing needs.

    7. Accounting – With Odoo ERP’s accounting features you can also automate invoice generation based on sales orders, delivery orders, or contracts. With everything available at the tap of a button Odoo allows you to view all your customer account information anytime, anywhere. Read more…

    8. Operations – Managing operations is one of the cumbersome processes with a lot of things to take care of. Managing the whole operation process is a huge task. To make it easy and manage all your operations at one place Odoo ERP operations app is the best answer to your all operational requirements.

    9. Supply Chain Management – When it comes to managing your supply chain, Odoo ERP enables you entirely automate your purchase, warehousing, and manufacturing. With the inventory module, you can keep a track of your stock levels and create automatic rules to replenish inventory.

    10. Manufacturing – When it comes to manufacturing, maintenance, PLM and quality checks, Odoo ERP has an answer to all of that. Read more…

    11. Human Resources – With Odoo ERP you can manage your resources, timesheets, employee leaves, expenses, and employee directories. The app also allows you to recruit top talents and measure the results.

    12. Website and eCommerce – Apart from giving you an easy way to create your own website, Odoo also enables you to set up your eCommerce website with a live chat feature to interact with your customers.

    13. Finances – When it comes to tracking your finances, Odoo ERP is the one-stop-shop for all your accounting, invoicing, and expense needs.
    With Odoo ERP, you have the chance to sharpen your competitive edge and stay of the curve with efficient business processes.

    How Bista Solutions can help?

    Bista Solutions is a world-class company that provides fully integrated software services to meet the unique needs of every business.
    With over 3 decades of experience, we have an established presence in the United States, Canada, UAE, and India.
    Headquartered in San Francisco, Bista provides services in implementing business applications across ERP, CRM, BPM, Human Capital Management, Business Intelligence (with Big Data and Analytics), and e-Commerce. Get Your ERP Implementation, Contact us.