Retail Management Solutions


Bista Solutions Inc. offers the world’s most customizable, reliable & advanced business applications
to the retail industry.

Software for Retail Industry

Customers today expect retailers to provide fast and seamless interactions in retail and online stores. Bista Solutions, a well-known retail software company, helps retailers transform their technology to achieve a 360 degree view of consumers and enables them to perform the entire purchase process smoothly.

Besides offering greater visibility into the user experience, our retail solutions also improve working efficiency, improve order management and retail management systems, and strengthen collaboration between stores and supply chain vendors.

Software for Retail Industry

We offer Retail Industry Specific solutions

Bista Solutions, the best known retail management software company, offers various software solutions for retailers to meet their unique business requirements, regardless of industry. 

To learn more about Predictive Analytics in the retail industry, download our brochure

Retail Case Studies

  • kitchenware direct

    Client Name:- Kitchenware Direct

    Industry:- Manufacturing

    Technology:- Netsuite

  • equipment sales inc

    Client Name:- Equipment Sales Inc.

    Industry:- Retail

    Technology:- NetSuite

  • emarket com

    Client Name:-

    Industry:- Retail

    Technology:- Netsuite

  • kalpa

    Client Name:- Kalpa

    Industry:- Retail

    Technology:- Odoo

  • la ruche aux lots

    Client Name:- LA Ruche Lox Aots

    Industry:- Retails

    Technology:- Odoo

  • Mancrates

    Client Name:- Mancrates

    Industry:- Retail

    Technology:- ERP in cloud

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