Effortlessly Simplify Your Complex Manufacturing Process with Metal Manufacturing ERP

The metal manufacturing industry has become increasingly competitive in recent years, given the importance of metal in our industrial era. To succeed in this competitive landscape, it is essential to understand how to streamline the unique and detail-oriented processes that are involved in metal manufacturing. Investing in a Metal manufacturing ERP solution is a wise decision for any metal manufacturing business. It can offer you the necessary functionality to simplify the complex and detailed metal manufacturing process, while also offering greater visibility and traceability to every element of your operations.

    What features you should consider in Metal Manufacturing ERP?

    • Strong Inventory Management- With the strong inventory management functionality in the Metal ERP solution you can control costs, enhance production efficiency, meet customer demand, maintain compliance, and make educated decisions.
    • Robust Manufacturing features- Metal manufacturers are involved in complex manufacturing processes that require complete control at every stage on the shop floor. To ensure that the manufacturing process is going with the right planning and efficient use of resources, you must choose Metal manufacturing software that provides comprehensive production planning and scheduling functionalities.
    • Quality Management features – Metal Manufacturing ERP should offer inspection and testing capabilities to ensure that the finished product meets industry standards, and material traceability features at each stage of production to help in the early discovery and resolution of quality issues.
    • Business intelligence & Reporting features- Metal Manufacturing software must be capable of analyzing data and gaining insights into performance trends and areas for improvement. It should also provide customizable reporting and dashboard options, allowing you to view vital data in real time.
    metal manufacturing erp
    Metal Manufacturing ERP
    • Security & Compliance- Consider a Metal manufacturing ERP system that is equipped with security and compliance management features to safeguard sensitive data and manage regulatory obligations.
    • Scalability & Integration- When selecting Metal manufacturing software, it is crucial to consider its ability to integrate with other programs and modules seamlessly.
    • Sales & Customer Management – To manage customer orders, pricing, and preferences effectively in the metal manufacturing industry, it is crucial to have a robust sales and customer management feature set within your Metal Manufacturing ERP software. These features can help you efficiently manage customer relationships and meet their evolving needs.
    • Centralized system – To manage all aspects of your Metal fabrication business effectively, a centralized system is necessary. Therefore, you must choose a metal manufacturing ERP system with a modular structure & the flexibility to manage all business processes.

    Key Functionalities Offered by Our Metal Manufacturing ERP

    Production Planning and Scheduling:

    • Capacity Planning
    • Resource Planning
    • Forecasting and Demand Planning
    • Scheduling based on Priority, Availability, and Constraints
    • Lead Time Calculation
    • Work Order Dashboard
    • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

    Inventory Control and Management:

    • Multi-Warehouse Management
    • Barcode Support
    • Reordering Rules
    • Product Variant
    • Inventory Valuation
    • Batch and Serial Number Tracking
    • Material Traceability

    Bill of Materials Management:

    • Multi-Level Bill of Materials Management
    • Define Multiple BOMs for a Single Item
    • Specify Costs related to By-Products, Labor, and Associated Costs
    • Check Which Material Goes into Finished Goods

    Quality Control:

    • Quality Control Management
    • Corrective Actions
    • Quality Alerts 
    • Supplier Management 
    • Document Management 
    • Reports & Audits

    Job Hour Calculation:

    • Calculate Time Taken by Employees to Complete a Job
    • Shop Floor Data Collection System Calculates Time Spent and Entire Cost of the Project
    • Calculate Specific Hourly Rates for Each Employee

    Collaboration and Communication:

    • Real-Time Data Access
    • Intuitive Dashboard 
    • Easy Report Generation
    • Integration with Other Modules (CRM, Sales, Web Apps)

    Flexible Quoting:

    • Automated Project Costing as per Labor Requirements, Material Needs, and Other Overheads
    • Ability to Adjust Costs per Job based on Changing Workforce and Material Requirements

    Workload Scheduling:

    • Helps Plan Production based on Equipment Capacity and Raw Material Availability
    • Adapts to Changes in Schedule or Parameters to ensure Maximum Efficiency

    Subcontracting and Purchase Order Management:

    • Efficient Subcontracting Features
    • Comprehensive Supplier Management
    • Purchase Order Management
    • Subcontract Work Order Tracking and Cost Management

    In today’s highly competitive business landscape, we know that the metal manufacturing business may be facing new challenges and evolving needs. Our Metal Manufacturing ERP system can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. With a range of capabilities beyond what has been mentioned We have solved many challenges of  Metal Manufacturing buisness.

    Why we are the Best choice for Metal Manufacturing ERP Implementation?

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