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Almost every aspect of the construction sector is changing as a result of technological advancements. If you haven’t already, it’s time to implement some of the latest technology that is advancing your construction firm. The Robust Odoo Construction Management ERP has worldwide capabilities and agile technology for changing nearly every part of your construction business, and with our knowledge, you can take full advantage of any module’s functionality in Odoo to make managing and expanding your construction business easier.

Why Choose Odoo for your Construction Business?

The Odoo Construction ERP module is a strong software solution that fully understands the demands of the construction sector. It helps the construction industry in seamless integration and offers management of the entire process from start to finish. As the construction sector grows in the next few years, there will be a greater need to incorporate cutting-edge technology. Odoo, with its modular structure and ability to upgrade itself with futuristic tech functions, can assist construction businesses in keeping up with industry expansion.

  • Complete Coverage of Industrial Support
  • Operating Platform Multi-End Application
  • Flexible Deployment
  • Great Value for the Company
  • Low Implementation Cost

Key Features of Odoo for Construction Industry:

1. Project, Planning & Controlling Management:

The Odoo project management system assists with budgeting, estimate, planning, and execution of construction projects. Using the Odoo module, you can track the predicted vs. actual project completion status.

  • Resource requirement and Costing
  • Rate Analysis
  • Task Update and Completion Tracking (Material & Labor)
  • Project Planning & Scheduling
  • Cost & Quantity Variance

2. Procurement Management:

Odoo ERP helps in the purchase of goods as well as the tracking of supplier invoicing. It also aids in the effective management of taxes and other compliance expenditures.

  • Workflow Management System
  • Quotation Management
  •  Purchase Order Creation
  •  Tax Handling
  •  Managing Supplies and Tracking
  •  Vendor Bill Processing and Analysis

3. Inventory Management:

Utilize Odoo construction ERP to get rid of instances of understock and excess raw materials. Without any defects, it is simple to trace buy activities from raw materials to final goods.

  • You can track lots or serials wherever either upstream or downstream
  • Advanced automation and smart routing to run any warehouse
  • The clever double entry inventory method will help you arrange your warehouse better
  • Real-time dynamic reports can help you make better judgments

4. Financial Management:

Accounting management in Odoo provides construction business managers with a 360-degree picture of their financial budgeting, analytical accounting, and tax filing compliances.

  • Manage Bills and Expenses
  • Invoicing
  • Easy Bank Reconciliation
  • Track Finances

5. Sub-Contractor Management:

Choosing the ideal subcontractor for your project is made easier with the aid of the Odoo subcontractor management.

  • Manage all the subcontractor and work order data
  • Analysis of Work History
  • Price Comparison

Challenges faced by Construction Companies:

Odoo Construction Management

Cost Control Issue

Without a good ERP system on their end, every construction project concludes with expenses that are far greater than what you had first anticipated. The time has come to change your construction cost management completely.

Odoo Construction Management

Improper Project Scheduling

Without an effective project scheduling system, it is nearly difficult to monitor each activity connected to a project and make sure that everything takes place in the appropriate sequence in a construction business.

Odoo Construction Management

Underutilized Resource

The construction industry confronts difficulties in effectively managing and scheduling resources. Without the proper ERP system, resource management would become time-consuming and error-prone, resulting in scheduling disputes.

Odoo Construction Management

Unavailability of Field Reporting Feature

 The construction industry finds it difficult to keep control over what occurs outside the company premise. You require a construction ERP software with a field reporting module to manage this so that you can communicate with your field team, update data without running the risk of loss or duplication, and swiftly communicate the pertinent information to the necessary departments.

Odoo Construction Management

Centralized Communication

One major issue that hinders the project’s success is the lack of effective communication. It is impossible to imagine that a project could be managed error free without having the right ERP solution on side and a real-time communication board.

Why Choose Bista?

Bista Solutions has developed an end-to-end Odoo Construction ERP Software Solution for the Engineering and Construction Industry for over three decades. It enables a truly integrated working environment, promotes collaboration, and enhances decision-making based on meaningful data. Total integration of planning, procurement, inventories, subcontracting, contracts, and financial accounting results in real-time reporting on job costs and margin forecasts. We are able to match the on- and off-site requirements of your construction projects through our research and analysis in the field of construction. This makes Bista the ideal option for implementing Odoo Construction ERP.

  • Integrates with all of your Construction and utility systems
  • Scaled to your needs
  • Leverage the collective expertise
  • 250+ Odoo professional developers and consultants team


Our specialist services help you accomplish your business objectives by being tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Using Odoo’s numerous simple-to-use modules, we offer tailored solutions to modify and improve your company’s operations. Our development team includes trained Odoo specialists such as business analysts, solution architects, project managers, delivery managers, and quality assurance engineers. To ensure the success of each implementation, we employ an iterative and transparent process. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and demo with our team.