Odoo Manufacturing ERP is best manufacturing ERP

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Odoo Manufacturing ERP

The Manufacturing industry is changing and the enterprise applications running on cloud are playing a big role in helping manufacturers respond to change. Decision-makers are seeing the value of planning, collaboration and transparency offered by Manufacturing ERP solutions like Odoo.

Odoo Manufacturing ERP can help plan directly based on real-time manufacturing measures. You can easily integrate MRP, Quality, Maintenance and PLM. You can automate your shop floor and capture real-time data from your equipment. Odoo Manufacturing ERP provides a transactional system of records for your manufacturing business. You can use dynamic reports on everything from costing to traceability, performance analysis, OEE, and to make smarter decisions about your business.


Do I have the Materials?

When will I get the Materials?

How much does it cost to produce?

What are my margins?

What is my bottleneck?

How much can I produce?

How can I produce more profitably?


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Introduction To Odoo Manufacturing

Odoo Orders & Scheduling

Odoo BOM (Bill Of Materials)

Here’s what Odoo Manufacturing ERP can do for you:

Odoo Manufacturing ERP is best manufacturing ERP


Plan your manufacturing orders: MRP allows you to plan your manufacturing orders automatically using the master production schedule, minimum stock or made to order rules.

Forecast demand: The master production schedule automatically creates manufacturing orders based on demand forecasts, stock on demand and indirect demand.

Schedule work orders: This allows you to prioritize manufacturing orders to schedule work in the future, review the schedule and adjust it manually if needed.

You can also check your work center capability with a single click.


Manage worksheets and production- Workers use tablets on shop floors to record production, check worksheets, track time and more. All the information they need is just a tap away. Work orders can be perfectly integrated with work sheet instructions. The workers tablet is also integrated with barcode scanners for lots and serial numbers and quality control such as photo and pass/fail tests.

Control work-centre - All measurements are fully integrated with tools and machines. Odoo’s IoT toolbox allows you to connect tools and machines to the work centre control panel to automate measurements and machine set up or work instructions. Any device can be connected such as printers or barcode scanners. That way work is optimized, and errors are reduced.

Schedule future orders- Work is also timed automatically. This measure time is used by Odoo to schedule future orders accurately. This native integration is what makes Odoo different from other MRP manufacturing systems. All data are synchronized together instantly.

It’s easy to add a process as from another department through the assemble line and track it.

Odoo Manufacturing ERP is best manufacturing ERP

Odoo Manufacturing ERP is best manufacturing ERP


Foresee malfunctions - If something goes wrong like a machine malfunction or missing raw materials, the worker can flag the order as blocked. Then trigger a quality alert, maintenance request or record scarp units as needed. This will directly notify the right department about the issue. Once it’s resolved the other teams are notified by these alerts triggered during the assembly. This helps you track any errors and makes productions more efficient through better communication between all the teams in the global manufacturing process.

Record and report production - Once the job is finished the worker can record production with the press of a button or by scanning the barcode. When production is complete the traceability report shows you the serial number of each item used to manufacture the product.

Fast and easy quality checks - The quality department has a key role through the whole manufacturing process. They can review the quality alert and track the status of investigation. Dynamic reporting features helps spot trends and conduct root cause analysis. Also, quality control points can be defined to make sure each piece of the product reaches quality standard.

Investigate root causes - The Kanban view keeps the team organized and helps you track investigations. As your investigation progresses you can assign a root cause. For continuous improvement you can set up

How can Bista help?

A fair balance of evaluation and expertise is what builds towards a successful ERP implementation. We have worked for over a decade with 250+ clients across industries to implement and integrate Odoo for them. We use agile methodology to provide a consolidated service throughout the various phases of development of an enterprise solution.

We are official Odoo Gold Partners in North America (United States and Canada) and we have been Odoo partners for over a decade. We are also proud winners of Odoo Best Partner (Americas) for 2015, 16 & 18.

And here’s what sets us apart:

  • We take extensive measures to understand your business needs
  • We are official Odoo Gold Partners in North America
  • All our developers are located in US and Canada
  • We follow agile methodology to implement Odoo for you
  • We adjust out costs according to your budget

Let’s work together to streamline your manufacturing operations. Reach out to our Solution Architects for a free consultation now.