Odoo Project manufacturing

Odoo Project Manufacturing provides end to end project accounting functionality so you can manage project budgeting, timesheets, tasks, billing & reports in a one single system. Project Manufacturing module is in-built in Odoo and do not need to integrate plugin or add-ons.

Odoo Project Manufacturing App Script

To access the Odoo Project Manufacturing App you need to login to platform then select Project App. Once you are inside Odoo project manufacturing app you can click on the configuration button and you will get a drop down menu with 3 options which are;

  1. Project Process
  2. Project Type
  3. Project Stages

Click on project type tab under which you can select or define project template.

Configuration-project type-project template

After selecting the project template, you can start creating project. Inside project template there are different functionalities available like you can create tasks, assign them, define subtask dependency & can check status of the project.

Once the project process started you can click on configuration-project stages. Inside the project stages you can se stage Name such as New, In-process, Done, Cancelled.

Go to configuration click on project stages

Stage Name-New-In process-Done-Cancelled

Sales create Quotation

Create and allocate each task designated person or work center

Create phases and send each phase to approval & move to another step of process

After creating Project project tasks on stage bases for customer, you can send them for approval and review to customer or internal team

Now you can go and login to customer portal and can check your Quotations, sales order, purchase order, invoices & bills, Projects, tasks, timesheets

Go to projects you can see  project status, tasks and task stages. You can open and comment on each task.

Once order is approved and confirmed we can move to production process and allocate each task to their respective places. Once production process is started you can see. production status of each stage

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