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Odoo Support

Odoo Support

On-Demand Open Object, also known as Odoo, is an enterprise resource planning software that combines a suite of business management software tools that can be used company-wide. With thousands of Odoo apps at your disposal, there are a plethora of options available to suit your business’ custom needs. On the other hand, even if you can’t find the “perfect” app for your business, Odoo provides an alternative solution. With Odoo being based on an open-source platform, any qualified developer can make the necessary changes in the source code in order to build a new module or even simply modify the app to better fit your business requirements.

It’s no wonder Odoo excels across all industries. Not only does it cater to all business types, from small businesses to midsized and even large corporations – Odoo carries all the apps your business needs in order to optimize its processes and day-to-day operations.

However, it’s worth noting that the technical aspect of this ERP system requires precision and appropriate implementation in order to reap the results your business needs to succeed. So how does one go about that?

Simple – hire qualified Odoo partners to get the job done for you.

In addition to ensuring you select the right app integration to yield optimal results for your company, Odoo gold partners have a repertoire of support systems in place to help you achieve your business goals in spite of any setback that may or may not occur.

Odoo Partner Success Packs

What’s better than having a team of experts implement an ERP system? Having a team that has its own team of support implement an ERP system! When you work with an Odoo partner, you gain access to what they have access to. In this instance, Odoo partners have access to: Pre-sales Analysts, Project Leaders, Pre-Sales Process & Implementation Experts, Technical Consultants and Odoo Coaches. This ensures your partners, in addition to their personal knowledge, have an inventory of expert resources to maximize on in order to help you achieve your goals. From delivering quality services to being able to acquire functional knowledge to learning correct implementation methodology and everything in between – an Odoo partner is well-equipped to help you succeed.

Odoo Support. Odoo Partner Success pack
Odoo Support via helpdesk

Odoo Support via HelpDesk

Another thing to note is that Odoo support isn’t just for its partners. Odoo extends support for your customers as well. When you implement this ERP, you gain access to its Helpdesk app. This allows you to track, prioritize and solve customer tickets with absolute ease. It also provides you with an overview of your team’s workload in order to better manage business processes. Another excellent feature is its multi-channel (out-of-the-box) accessibility. This allows you to get in touch with your customers wherever they may be, via email, website and even live chat. Emails allow you to create tickets automatically, the website can qualify customer queries with a customizable website form and live chat is a simple plugin that can instantly engage any visitors on your page. Odoo Helpdesk is also optimized for your team’s productivity. From creating your SLA rules to automating emails or actions at different stages of ticket resolution, to defining dynamic email templates to automate common responses, to escalating tickets to a manager in one click, to using canned responses in a live chat – and so much more. You can even provide a smarter self-service option. Develop your self-service platform by directly linking your FAQs, training videos and presentations on a ticket to create a community around your product with the forum. In fact, to reduce the chance of error and misunderstandings – you can have your customers close their tickets once the problem is resolved. This grants autonomy and increases productivity.  With all these incredible features, as well as many more that we haven’t covered, Odoo Helpdesk is an excellent app for everyone who wants to provide support services to their customers in a convenient, innovative and helpful manner.

Multifaceted Odoo Support

When you think about support, usually it’s one stream of support services. But as we discussed above, Odoo support extends to its partners and to the partner’s customer’s customers. Odoo partners can fall back on Odoo experts for any reason, and your business’ customers can fall back on Odoo Helpdesk for any reason. If you personally need Odoo support, an Odoo partner will have you covered. Now that we’ve established that partners and all customers benefit from Odoo support – let’s quickly touch on other means of support Odoo has to offer.

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Odoo Support version upgrade

Odoo Support Version Upgrades

With changing times and the need for continuous upgrades to better user experience and overall performance, Odoo has many supported versions available to use. This means Odoo partners are informed about any potential changes and upgrades available and can therefore implement them for your business if deemed necessary.

Unlimited Odoo Support Team

Odoo partners have access to an Odoo support team 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday. More often than not, your Odoo partner will be able to extend that same support to your business during implementation as well as afterwards.

Odoo Support.
Odoo Support.

Odoo Support Resources

This one is pretty obvious but key to remember; your Odoo partner has countless amounts of resources available at their disposal. If the 24/5 team isn’t available – partners will be directed to resources which includes guides and videos among much else in order to find a solution to any time-sensitive problem. So you can rest assured that any issue will be dealt with accordingly.

Odoo Support via Partners

Odoo partners are able to go through the enterprise Odoo apps, as well as the thousands of Community Odoo apps, and find a solution that fills in your business gaps, addresses any pain points, and provides a cost-effective and modular solution all in one. So if you are looking for Odoo support, whether it’s for implementation reasons or simply because you have the ERP installed but are encountering issues – connect with Bista Solutions today.

Bista Solutions, named Odoo’s Best Partner in 2015, 2016, and 2018, is considered to be the Best Odoo Gold Partner. Not only does that mean we know our way around Odoo, but the Bista team also consists of ERP specialists that have the knowledge and experience to come up with solutions that are both industry-specific and tailored to your business needs. Our 250+ successful implementations speak to our expertise, and our emphasis on customer service will ensure your satisfaction. So if you are in the search of Odoo support in the USA or anywhere in North America, schedule your free consultation with us and allow us to help facilitate your business operations, provide the appropriate Odoo support, as well as increase the overall efficiency of your workplace.