What is Health Services ERP?

Healthcare organizations, these days, use technology to store patient data and to deliver quality care. In fact, these organizations are completely dependent on accurate data in order to provide reliable care for their patients. Without this accuracy, organizations may not be able to perform at their best, which would inevitably lead to lawsuits in cases of improper care. That’s where health services ERP comes into play. 

With the increasing amount and complexity of data, choosing and investing in solutions to store and manage it efficiently is critical. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a type of software that helps manage and integrate organizations’ core business processes. As such, implementing health services ERP, can help streamline processes and centralize information.

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    Why use Health Services ERP?

    Apart from the obvious reasons, a key component in any healthcare organization is finding patient and employee management tools that allow the organization to provide quality care while avoiding unnecessary cost, risk, or any type of inefficiencies. Simply put, healthcare organizations are pressured to reduce operational costs without sacrificing patient care.

    A healthcare services ERP helps solve exactly that. Not only does it help manage day-to-day business operations and workload, it can also help these organizations keep up with trends within health information technology. Other reasons include:

    • Elimination of silos; an ERP consolidates data and links all departments into one centralized system, leaving no room for discrepancies or errors.
    • Seamless integration across all departments which allows for improved workflows and fewer errors.
    • With real-time and accurate data, decision-making can be streamlined. This not only helps with organizational efficiency, it also improves patient care.
    • Streamlined and accurate data can help lower operational costs and increase financial forecast accuracy when admins can see where the money is being spent and whether working to resolve certain issues is cost-effective or not, as well as budget future expenditures.
    • Healthcare compliance policies can easily be integrated into an ERP, ensuring patient data and information confidentiality is a priority.

    Health Services ERP Features:

    As we established, the main goals of a health services ERP is to eliminate silos, centralize islands of information, gain access to real-time data and improve efficiency. When you combine AI and centralized reporting, which is something you typically find in any given ERP, your organization can easily achieve valuable insights that would have otherwise been missed.

    In fact, there are countless health services features that organizations can benefit from, such as:


    Real-time Analytics & Reporting


    HIPAA Compliance


    Tool & Software Integration

    health Service ERP

    Electronic Storage of Health Information

    Business Intelligence & Strategic Planning

    Eliminates Discrepancies

    Improved Quality Of Patient Care

    Improved Staff & Clinical Experience

    Reduce Operational Cost

    Odoo for Health Services ERP:

    Now that you know how important a Health Services ERP can be to an organization, it’s important to find a dependable health services ERP and ERP vendor.  When it comes to ERPs and organizations, there is no better software than Odoo. Not only does it provide modular solutions to optimize your business operations, it is also known for the following:

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    There are thousands of apps to choose from; both licensed and free-to-use. Furthermore, apps are customizable to best fit your specific organizational needs.
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    Odoo is nearly 5-10 times less expensive than comparable, alternative ERP solutions on the market.
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    Whether you are a small business or a mid-size enterprise, or even a larger organization, Odoo works for all company sizes. As you scale your organization, you can simply add users/modules to match the growth.
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    Developers can easily tailor an Odoo app to best fit your business needs.
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    Odoo features an intuitive user-interface (UI) for both basic and advanced users.

    Bista for Health Services ERP:

    A reliable and trusted ERP vendor is crucial for long-term organizational success. At the end of the day, you don’t just want an ERP vendor – you want an ERP partner; someone who will consult you in order to optimize your business, find practical solutions to your problems, implement an orderly manner, as well as support you throughout and after the process.

    Bista Solutions has been an ERP vendor and partner for over 2 decades. When it comes to Odoo, their expertise is unmatched; being an Odoo Gold Partner as well as a 4x Odoo Best Partner winner in North America. Additionally, the Bista team has completed 350+ Odoo implementations and have over 200 resources (developers, functional and technical consultants) available 24/7 and ready to help.Their policy when it comes to implementations is as follows: “We not only implement the software, but also hold your hand until the support and migration services have been completed”. 

    Whether you want to learn more about Health Services ERP, or you wish to implement Odoo ERP, reach out to our team of ERP experts via our contact us form.