Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a business intelligence tool that brings your entire business to one screen and uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to provide valuable insights.
It gives you a 360-degree view of your organization and get real-time insights that bring better results. While previously varied tools like Dynamics Soloman, Great Plains, Navision and Axapta all had to integrated with Dynamics 365 and Dynamics 365 Business separately; all of these now come together to form something as powerful as Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 unifies your customer, product, people, and data. Because working without silos is working without limits.




  • Sell smartly with contextual AI
  • Build stronger relationships by empowered sales team
  • Optimize seamless tools to enhance sales productivity
  • Improve coaching and sales performance
  • Generate advanced insights to increase sales profitably
  • Innovate with scalable sales solutions

Micrososft Dynamics-365-for-Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer services


Customer Service

  • Personalized and tailored customer service
  • Handle routine requests intelligently
  • Resolve complex customer issues easily
  • Access all customer data from one extensive platform


Human Resources

  • Enable employees to get have self service HR tools
  • Simplify compensation, benefits, leave and absence, certifications and training, and compliance programs
  • Expandable HR system that can be connected to your existing system
  • Centralize your workforce data

Dynamics 365 human resource

Microsoft dynamics 365 Field Service


Field Service

  • Detect, predict, and resolve field service issues beforehand
  • Deliver on-site customer experiences
  • Provide right time, tools and information to technicians  



  • Optimize AI for unified global financial reporting, predictive insights and embedded analytics
  • Unify all your financial process tools into one
  • Enable easy financial planning, process automation, and budget control

Microsoft Dynamics Finance

Microsoft dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management


Supply Chain Management

  • Reduce downtime using IoT and mixed reality for manufacturing processes
  • Modernise inventory management
  • Accelerate inbound and outbound processes
  • Identify potential machine issues before they occur
  • Extend the life and performance of your equipment


  • Scalable end-to-end e-commerce solution that adhered to global compliance and security standards
  • Optimized back-office operations through ingrained and pervasive AI and machine learning
  • Engage customers across online and offline channels
  • Use intelligent tools to strengthen your customer relationships

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

Microsoft Dynamics Project Service Automation


Project Service Automation

  • Anticipate resource demand and optimally utilize resources
  • Forecast project successes and plan better
  • Empower your service professionals with collaborative and intuitive tools
  • Connect this platform with other apps you are currently using



  • Automate your marketing activities and get better view of lead generation
  • Utilise AI-driven insights, custom dashboards, and lead scoring Artificial Intelligence
  • Built-in privacy features that comply with GDPR regulations and accessibility guidelines

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality


Mixed Reality

  • Allow employees to work with other remote employees easily with virtual product visualization
  • Enable them to share their real world and get step-by-step guide on issue-resolution in real-time
  • Optimize mixed reality tools to enable them to see future product functionality


Business Central

  • Map out financial performance in real time and improve forecast accuracy
  • Get end-to-end view of manufacturing, operations, purchasing, inventory, and warehouse management
  • Accelerate service with a connected view of service operations and customers
  • Monitor and measure your projects with real-time metrics on profitability, resources, tasks, and progress

Micrososft Dynamics 365 Business Central