Combining BI And AI To Enhance Business Operations

Artificial intelligence is the most in demand in the world of analytic. If you are searching for change in market currently you will be needing a team of researcher who will be using various search engines to give you the appropriate result, Instead of this you can use Artificial intelligence which will browse through many pages and would give you an appropriate result within a very less time frame and would be more effective in terms of costing too.

As today data is growing a lot. Data does offer insights to a business and does help in taking some useful decision. As now companies are investing in big data now, in this case, comes artificial intelligence which is required to represent the data which is processed by Big data tool in a very easy to understand manner.

If you have created a dashboard using some business intelligence tool and your data is huge and growing every second it will be hard to extract some useful information out of that data. In this case, artificial intelligence comes into the picture it gives reasoning to that data.

Implementing BI on its own can be time-consuming as well as an expensive process. Taking insights in data is the costly process and manual, this is when artificial intelligence comes into picture making the process automated. Artificial intelligence can be combined with business intelligence and it does keep a track if any unwanted changes do occur in the data and it notifies that change to the user.

On combining business intelligence (BI) with the artificial intelligence we get an ability to monitor a business in real time and can take those action’s which are appropriate under those circumstances with very less human intervention.There are three points where artificial intelligence can help business intelligence in enhancing.

  • An alert gets triggered if any observed value exceeds or falls below a defined value. It
    can be useful if the certain target is achieved.
  • An alert gets triggered if percentage difference of observed value falls below or above the defined percentage value.
  • In this case, the BI tool can measure the difference between the predicted value and the actual value. The predicted value will be based on the historical data, this could help in predicting the value with very less difference between actual data and predicted data.

So implementing business intelligence and artificial intelligence together would act as the catalyst for the growth of the business by removing unnecessary steps in business and make the most out of the resources available within the organization. Which will give an organization a great profit and a great company overall.

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