Bista Solutions’ Experience in Healthcare ERP.

Bista Solutions has been designing and implementing business software solutions for over a decade. Throughout this time, we’ve helped hundreds of clients across many different verticals. Below, we discuss the manufacturing, healthcare, and automotive verticals, and also share some stories of the clients we’ve worked with. We have implemented and customized Healthcare ERP, Manufacturing ER, Automative ERP, eCommerce ERP, Furniture ERP, Meat Processing ERP, Cannabis ERP, Healthcare ERP, etc.

1) Manufacturing

One of the industries Bista Solutions has worked with extensively in the manufacturing industry, including both discrete and process manufacturers.

Manufacturers have unique concerns that many businesses from other industries often don’t have to deal with. While managing their financials, accounting, and sales are important, they really need a software solution that grants them visibility into their complex manufacturing processes and their inventory. Bista Solutions has provided manufacturers with ERP solutions to do just that, including WIP functionality, bill of materials, and more.

One of these companies that Bista has worked with is Farmazan, a furniture manufacturer located in the UAE. Farmazan wanted more visibility for their manufacturing processes and also wanted a way to track manufacturing cost, which previously they had to do manually. Finally, they wanted to connect their CRM with their factory operations.

Bista equipped Farmazan with a NetSuite solution that granted them this visibility and helped them to track manufacturing costs along with their other activities. They also synced sales and production, making the business much more efficient.

2) Health care

Health care incorporates a variety of sub-industries, such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, hospitals, insurance, and more. Depending on the industry, the company may be in need of customized solutions. Bista Solutions is fully HIPAA compliant, ensuring the protection of patient information on their systems. To cover all the requirements of healthcare Bista customized healthcare ERP.

One client Bista Solutions has worked with is a company called Tools for Healing. Tools for Healing provides information on ways to take care of one’s health and also has an eCommerce store on its website. Unfortunately, they were facing challenges entering products on their existing system; it was time-consuming, they were running into duplicate entries, and they had delays for order shipment. to solve this issue bista implemented Healthcare ERP into there system.

Bista equipped Tools for Healing with a customized Odoo healthcare ERP  solution design to help them with these issues. It included automated entry of order into Odoo healthcare ERP, sending order from warehouse to dispatch, as well as payment integration, shipping integration, and notification to the customer. This made their eCommerce process much more efficient.

3) Automotive

Like the healthcare industry and Healthcare ERP, the automotive industry also involves a variety of sub-industries. Some automotive companies are manufacturers; some are distributors; others are involved in the after-service industry.

One automotive manufacturer Bista Solutions has worked with is the Lakozy Toyota, located in Mumbai. Before, Lakozy Toyota was using Microsoft Excel to keep track of business data, leading to poor company-wide visibility. They also had inefficient processes slowing down their business.

Bista implemented ProcessMaker to solve these issues. With ProcessMaker, Lakozy Toyota was able to automate many of their processes and make them more efficient, helping them save time and money. Improvement areas included forms for HR, sales orders, refunds, and more.

Separate from this case, Bista Solutions has also developed an ERP software specifically for the automotive industry called Turbo. Turbo comes in specialized solutions for the automotive sub-industries mentioned above.

Other industries Bista Solutions has worked with include but are not limited to eCommerce, Financial Services, food processors, retail, general services, transportation, and telecom. For more information, see our verticals tab in the navigation bar at the top. If you’d like to implement a business solution for your company, you can get in touch using our contact form.