Lead to Order Flow in NetSuite

NetSuite Lead To Order

NetSuite is a very powerful tool when it comes to tracking pre-sales. It is not just a system where you record and track all transactions, but you can set up some really excellent functions within which will prove beneficial for business clarity. You can establish quotas for sales reps, forecast your sales depending on those set quotas. And something which is even cooler is that you can also compare whether the forecasted revenue matches the established quotas. Here’s how it looks like:


Tracking newly generated leads within NetSuite is very easy. Converting leads to prospects, and prospects to customers is not difficult either. NetSuite is proficient in managing pre-sales transactions like opportunities and quotes. It is also easy for one to create a sales transaction from the opportunity or quote. No need of repetitive data entry, or creating a new transaction from scratch every single time. Once you generate an opportunity, creating quotes, sales order or even invoices through it is very simple.

NetSuite can also help you set the sales reps on transactions. It can also auto pull the sales rep as per the rule defined. Not just that, we can have sales teams and devise their contributions for a sales activity. We can manage sales commissions within NetSuite as well.

Customer Centre:

Did you know NetSuite can let customers have access into your system? You can have a customer dashboard for your Clientele to see all that they need to. Not just they can see their open balances, last sales activities but also they can order new items or ask for quotes, record payments or deposits. What more – they can also register for support cases through their very own dashboard. Here’s how a customer dashboard looks like:


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