Odoo Amazon FBA Connector

Odoo Amazon FBA Connector

Is your business using Amazon as a sales channel? Are your employees busy with manual data entry work while your business lacks an way to track your sales/inventory data in a single location?

The Odoo – Amazon Connector allows businesses to integrate their eCommerce marketplace with their ERP system, uniting their entire business. Some of the benefits of this connector include:

  • Manage all sales orders from one location
  • Manage all products/product info from one location
  • Bidirectional tracking of inventory levels between warehouse and sales channel
  • Optimize and more accurately forecast inventory
  • Reduce manual data entry (less labor & errors)
  • Single repository for customer data
  • Integration with shipping connectors

Another feature Bista Solutions offers is proper functionality with both Amazon FBA and FBM. FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) means that the company selling its products on Amazon also stores its items in Amazon’s warehouses. Amazon then ships the products to customers when an item is ordered (i.e., Amazon fulfills the order).

In contrast, FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) means that the company selling its products on Amazon handles storage and item shipment itself.

Bista Solutions’ Odoo Amazon connector is able to handle both situations. For example, if you’re using FBA with our connector, Odoo will keep track of all your products stored in Amazon’s facilities, and will also track of shipments after products are sold to customers. If you’re instead fulfilling orders yourself, that same data will be available on Odoo as well.

The connector also manages RMAs (Return Merchandise Authorizations). When a customer requests a return, and your business approves it, a number is generated. This allows you to track and approve returns fully through your ERP system. It also allows you to manage the return of customer items, along with the repairs, replacements, or refunds of those items.

Bista Solutions’ connector works for different versions of Odoo, up to the latest version Odoo 11, and can be fully customized according to the customer requirements.

See a quick walkthrough of importing sales orders using this connector here.

If you are interested in this product or eCommerce ERP integration in general, get in touch. You can reach us using our contact form or give us a call at +1 (858) 401 2332.


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