Open Source ERP Odoo Customization by Bista Solutions

Globally, most of the organisations are experiencing the power of Open Source ERP “Odoo” as a necessity for their growing Business. The Odoo Open Source Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) software is very flexible for the large as well as small business. The features and the modules of the Odoo directly lead to increase the profit and efficiency of the organisation.

Initially, before the ERP software came into existence, companies and organisations used to execute their operations on several dedicated software’s, especially firstly for finance and then to manage other task. Using different software for each department was the great investment but at the same time there was no clarity and visibility in the business.
Then the role of ERP came into exists, the major problem which was resolved was to use the single platform to cater all the Business requirements in one platform.

Why to use open source ERP

• Best open source ERP “Odoo”, has lots of functionalities as well as easy to Implement. Generally, the implementation of the project takes maximum 3 to 4 months
• The Open Source ERP is FREE; you can simply create the login and use the basic functionality of Odoo.
• Odoo Open source ERP is easy to adopt and very user friendly to use.
• The Odoo is highly scalable for any Customization and integration of third party application.
• Odoo includes all the modules which is required to run a successful business like Point of Sale, Manufacturing, CRM, Sales, Purchases, Warehouse, Accounting, Project, Human Resources

Now, let us understand the benefits of the Odoo customization

• The Odoo Customization is important for your organisation to meet your perfect business requirements, you can easy customize the source code your required functionality.
• Mostly the Customization is required to remove the extra modules and functionalities from Odoo which are not relevant for your business.
• Customization helps reduces the duplication of the entries.
• Not only Customization and Odoo also enables you to integrate all the web based application.

I am looking for Odoo Customization, What should I do?

Join your hands with Bista Solutions, we are gold partner for Odoo and we have implemented high-quality Odoo projects all over the world. Bista Solutions is ISO 9000 certified company also certified with HIPPA Compliant.

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