Power BI dashboard for Retail & Distribution

Here are some of the important screenshots of Inventory Analysis Dashboard generated in Power BI Desktop app

Total Quantity Purchased by Supplier Lead time

In this report one can get the purchase quantity for each Product, Category & Subcategory separately. The report also calculates Vendor Lead Time in Days at each product level & colour codes them according to the defined colour scale.

Vendor Lead Time = Difference of time period between PO date & the PO Received Date per product. The below screenshot shows vendor lead time in days. Here colour green indicates Vendor Lead time is less & orange & red are for higher ones.


One can quickly select a Category from the graph to filter the entire report page to get the counts for the said Category. Let’s see how to filter the report page for Technology only.


Power BI Dashboard allows one to compare different suppliers lead time under a particular Category. One can further select particular Supplier by clicking on Supplier bar & filtering further.


Average Vendor Lead time by Product / Category / Sub-Category

One can quickly view metrics such as Average Lead Time / Average stock by Product / Category / Sub-Category & even compare the same amongst different suppliers

Like the below screenshot displays Average Lead Time in days for Technology Category for the selected Sub-categories & comparison between the selected vendors


Stock On hand against Min stock & committed stock by Location

One can glimpse through the Stock On hand against the Min Stock & also the committed stock filtered at each Category / Sub-category level, plotted in a Map to find stock across different geographies



Sale Quantity & Sales by Sale Order Date

One can analyse Sales Amount & Sale Quantity by Sale order date in a scatter chart split by category. Also can use the Date slider below the chart to get the visualization as on a particular Order date.


Category / Subcategory-wise Profitability by Supplier

The Tree-map visualization below displays the total PO value from each supplier & the table below splits it, category & Subcategory-wise. Also the Total Sales amount, Total PO value & Profit shows up in dynamic cards adjacent to the Chart.


The Supplier Slicer on the top right corner helps one to filter the report page by selecting few Suppliers. So that I can compare the profitability across few selected suppliers, which I need to analyse.

If I just want to view the suppliers under Technology I can either drill-down further in the chart for that category or even filter the page with Technology category, and it gives me a view of sub-categories under Technology. Here it shows up subcategories, Machines & Phone


Inventory Turnover ratio by Category / sub-category

One can quickly monitor Inventory Turnover Ratio at each product, Category & subcategory 4 level as in the below screen.


Products can also be classified as Slow moving, Fast-moving & Medium levels based on the Inventory Turnover ratio calculated. Classification rules may differ from business to business.

A slicer for the classification based on the inventory turnover ratio as in the green box above, helps one to filter the report page on a particular category. So I can see all the slow-moving / fast-moving products by simply selecting the Inventory Turnover Level desired.

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