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Supercharge your Sales with our Powerful CRM Solution.

Your business needs efficient systems and processes to manage customer interactions, offer support, and create enduring relationships to convert prospects of your products and services into actual customers. Our CRM solution simplifies and personalizes the experience for your sales team and customers. It’s a comprehensive platform that leverages data, integration, and flexibility to deliver a complete 360-degree view for your sales, marketing, and customer support teams.

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    Powerful Features of Our CRM Solution that Drives Success.

    Sales Pipeline & Activity Tracking

    Accelerate your sales success with our sales pipeline and activity tracking capabilities. With a laser focus on key contacts, deals, sales activities, and conversations, our CRM Software solution empowers your team to stay on top of your game and achieve outstanding results.

    • Lead Management: Efficiently track and manage leads throughout the sales pipeline, from initial contact to potential opportunity.
    • Opportunity Management: Maximize conversion rates, and monitor the progress of possible sales prospects, including phases, probabilities, and values.
    • Sales Activity Tracking: Gain total insight into sales operations such as calls, emails, meetings, and tasks, ensuring that nothing goes between the cracks.
    • Appointment Scheduling: Schedule appointments and meetings effortlessly, keeping your team organized and ensuring timely follow-ups.
    • Sales Quotations and Orders Management: Easily create and manage sales estimates and orders for smooth interactions and client satisfaction.
    • Account Management: Manage and nurture client accounts effectively, establishing long-term relationships and optimizing income potential.
    • Contract Management: Simplify contract formation, tracking, and management to ensure compliance while minimizing risks.
    • Contracts Timeline: Visualize the timeline and key milestones of contracts.
    • Sales Team Collaboration: Foster collaboration and information sharing among sales team members with shared Activity feed and communication tools.

    Prospect & Lead Engagement

    With our robust CRM solution, you can increase your prospect-to-customer conversion rate. Unleash the power of customized emails, personalized messages, strategic calls, and automated follow-ups. Our platform enables you to engage prospects in a captivating personalized way, bringing them one step closer to becoming valued clients.

    • Email Marketing – Execute Targeted email Marketing campaign successfully.
    • Bulk Emails & Texts – Reach wider audiences with the capability to send bulk emails and texts.
    • Email & Text Templates – Utilize predesigned template options.
    • Email Tracking – Track the performance of your Email campaign.
    • Calling & Power Dialer – Enhance your sales efforts with a powerful calling and power dialer feature.
    • Social Suite Integration – Integrate your CRM seamlessly with social media platforms to provide consistent marketing tactics and improved brand visibility.
    • Marketing Automation – With tailored and automated processes, you can automate repetitive marketing operations and nurture prospects.

    Sales Automation & Sequence

    Minimize the occurrence of repetitive procedures in your sales operations with our powerful CRM software to create reusable sales playbooks and automated sequences, allowing the sales team to function as an expert revenue-generating machine.

    • Email & Calendar Sync: Sync your emails and calendar seamlessly with CRM, ensuring that all correspondence and appointments are automatically logged and organized.
    • Mobile/Web Access: You can access CRM on the go via mobile devices or web browsers, enabling you to stay connected and productive from anywhere.
    • Sales Sequences: Create and automate sales sequences, allowing you to nurture leads, follow up with prospects, and drive conversions.
    • Sales Automation: Automate repetitive sales tasks and workflows, saving time and effort while maintaining consistency.
    • Lead Assignment: Easily assign leads to particular sales representatives or teams based on established rules or criteria.
    • Activity Automation: Automate routine sales activities like scheduling follow-ups, sending reminders, and updating contact information, freeing up time for your sales team to focus on building relationships and closing deals.

    Sales Intelligence & Report

    With our custom-built Reports and Business analytics, you can gain a better understanding of your sales pipeline and team’s success.


    • Report Library: Access a vast collection of pre-built reports that provide you with detailed insights into your sales success, pipeline, and other indicators.
    • Custom Reports: Create customized reports that are relevant to your company’s needs, enabling you to examine and track the data that is most important to your sales team.
    • Team Insights: Gain insightful information on your team performance, highlighting areas of strength and need for development to improve your sales operations.
    • Custom Dashboards: Get customized dashboards that provide a quick overview of your sales success by displaying real-time sales data, analytics, and visuals.
    • Sales Forecasting: Utilize advanced forecasting capabilities to predict future sales trends, enabling you to make informed decisions and plan strategies accordingly.
    • Sales Goal Tracking: For individuals, teams, or the whole business, set and monitor sales objectives and targets to ensure responsibility and visibility for attaining targeted results.

    Application of CRM Solution in Your Business:

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    Maximize Marketing Effort

    With our CRM solution, you can achieve the full potential of your marketing effort. It enables real-time consumer engagement, personalization of journeys, and the deployment of compelling omnichannel marketing. Align sales and marketing goals, nurture prospects, and build customer connections.
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    Cultivate Quality Sales Pipeline

    Develop a quality sales pipeline, discover prospects, and gain real-time insights. Give your sales staff flexible working options while offering priceless advice to improve relationships with customers.
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    Deliver Excellent Customer support

    CRM can help you with utilizing customer data for cross- and up-selling possibilities and in providing consistent assistance to your customers across all channels to maximize customer satisfaction.
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    Optimze Field operations

    Customers can schedule appointments at their convenience, keep track of service through a customer portal, and follow field service operators in real time using CRM for Field Service.
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    Ensure project Success

    CRM integrates your sales, project management, and financial teams to help you close more business, increase profitability, and complete projects faster. It delivers the visibility, cooperation, and agility required for project-centric business success.

    Bista Solutions CRM Implementation Expertise -

    Why Us

    Our CRM Implementation Services -

    • Consulting: We offer Expert guidance and consulting services to assist you in optimizing your CRM strategy and meeting your business objectives.
    • Implementation: We offer seamless implementation of CRM systems tailored to your business needs.
    • Custom CRM  and Configuration: We offer tailored CRM features, workflows, and layouts that align with your specific requirements.
    • Reporting and Analytics: Gain a deep understanding of your sales performance, customer behavior, and market trends with visually captivating and easy-to-understand custom reports and dashboards.
    • Data Migration: We ensure the smooth transitioning of your valuable data securely and accurately from your current systems to the CRM platform.
    CRM Implementation

    Our Integration Services -

    Our team of experts will integrate CRM with other mission-critical software like, marketing automation, and e-commerce platforms, Social media and help you create a unified ecosystem that maximizes efficiency.

    • Email & Calendar Integration: Integrate with email platforms seamlessly to record and track email discussions, as well as synchronize appointments and tasks within the CRM system. Gmail, Microsoft Outlook or other Email providers, Google Calendar, Contact Sync.
    • Social Media Integration: Integration with social media platforms to capture social media interactions, track customer sentiment, and engage with customers on social channels. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram.
    • Marketing Automation Integration: Integration with marketing automation platforms to synchronize lead data, automate marketing campaigns, and track campaign effectiveness. Mailchimp, HubSpot, Ubersuggest,  Marketo.
    • E-commerce Integration: Integration with e-commerce platforms to capture and manage customer orders, track sales, and synchronize product information. Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and Other Platforms.
    • Help Desk/Support Integration: Integration with help desk or support platforms to centralize customer support tickets, provide a seamless customer experience, and track support interactions within the CRM. Zendesk, Freshdesk.
    • Accounting/Finance Integration: Integration with accounting or finance systems to streamline invoicing, payments, and financial data. QuickBooks, Xero.
    • Business Intelligence (BI) Integration: Integration with BI tools to generate insightful reports, analytics, and visualizations based on CRM data. Tableau, Power BI.