Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management software is one of the most talked about tools for business today because it addresses one of the core business concerns: the customer. CRM software manages the customer relationship and the workflow that follows from it by addressing the entire customer interaction cycle from the first contact through conversion. CRM offered by Bista Solutions is specially customized to meet every individual’s business needs and help their companies excel.

What we do

  • At Bista Solutions, we believe in delivering best in class solutions to our customers with our years of expertise in the field of CRM solutions.
  • The product is specially customized as per your business need to give you better control over customer management.
  • Rich dashboards and easily manageable process flows help you improve decision-making when it comes to sales.
  • Next Action, Meetings with the Clients can be easily tracked.
  • Complete control over the pipeline of converting prospects to customer for every salesperson.
  • Keeping track on every salesperson’s performance month wise, their target and their goals.
  • Managing Pipelines as per the Sales Channel i.e. every Sales Channel will provide its own pipeline which will ease some of the complication.
  • Leads, Opportunities, and Contact management are efficiently handled which will contribute to improved sales in your business.
  • Marketing activities like Campaigns, ROI tracking on the Campaigns, Newsletters, Online forms can be easily managed.

What we offer

netsuite erp software


Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

CRM in Cloud Marketing Automation module allows you to organize effective marketing campaigns. It includes features such as Mass Emailing, Social, Analytics, Lead Management and more.

Sales-force Automation

Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation module in CRM in Cloud helps to improve your organization and productivity. It offers a complete set of features such as lead management, task management, marketing tools, sales forecasting and reporting.


Customer Service Management

CRM in Cloud Customer Service Management helps to serve a high level of customer satisfaction. It also allows you to instantly address your customer queries using the help desk, and enables you to generate tickets and track records for each customer.

Partner Relationship Management

Partner Relationship Management helps you effectively manage your Partnership programme with features such as Partner master data, Partners communications and Reporting.