13 Common ERP Mistakes and How to Avoid Making Them

ERP Mistakes

1. Most common mistakes done by the ERP companies & ERP vendors are the wrong scope of implementation and undefined scope which takes the overall project into an awkward direction, the solution is a clear definition of scope.

2. Over-commitment is also one of the common mistakes done by the ERP vendors and ERP providers these days since some ERP software are limited to predefined functionalities only and not flexible enough to adapt to business changes, the solution is to provide commitment only on the existing & upcoming features

3. Different ERP tools are specialized in different ERP domains across different markets, sometimes ERP vendors manage to close deal on those ERP tools for the clients which are not business demand of the customer and results in ERP failure in implementation, the solution is to sell ERP product as per client’s business specialization

4. Inadequate Planning is a hindrance to the project as it goes without planning with no checkpoints which lead to ERP failure, however, the solution is to use a proper PMS like Odoo or Jeera to deal with this.

5. Inappropriate selection of implementation methodologies is also one of the most common mistakes done by ERP companies since different projects require different implementation strategies to cope up with it and hence the solution is a selection of correct implementation methodology to do so.

6. Incorrect Business process mapping is one of the key reasons for the downfall i.e. ERP failure as it disrupts the balance between business process & ERP software and hence the solution is to do proper business mapping

7. Not enough showcasing of benefits of the system is one of the most common mistakes done by the clients towards ERP software and hence, should be taken care of which is a possible solution to avoid these common mistakes.

8. Missing customer-centric approach is one of the common mistakes done by the ERP companies since the focus is always on ERP software , ERP vendors tend to give the least importance to this approach and hence the solution is to have a more focused customer centric approach

9. Inefficient budget handling is the biggest mistake done by the ERP vendors as customer always buys the product considering the budget for the fiscal year and hence , the solution is focus should be given to this

10. Incompetent resource allocation, resource allocation should be done through proper skill matrix and with desired expectations and not just random allocation based on availability

11. Unscheduled meetings are one of the most regularly proven blunders by the ERP companies and this tends to increase the communication gap which in turn increases the risks and hence periodical meeting should be conducted to do so.

12. Improper planning of end user handling & training leads to more communications gaps and increases more chances of rejection of the system and hence priority should be given to it

13. Unfocused approach towards the deadline & deliverables is the biggest mistake done by the ERP implementation vendors which costs them dearly and in the end leads to ERP failure and hence, priority should be given to it , before even project kickoff and a well-defined plan should be laid out for the same

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