4 Ways ERP Benefits Aerospace and Defence Companies

Cloud-based ERP systems


Cloud-based ERP systems

Cloud-based ERP systems have been a backbone to the aerospace and defense (A&D) companies over a period of years now, thanks to the complex and aggressive environment of the A&D industry and the spectrum of challenges to survive in the relentless competition. With customized and adapted ERP systems, A&D manufacturers leverage real-time data generated by businesses to offer smooth-running business operations, and to have a complete control over crucial business processes, to have complete visibility and traceability of processes. All these factors will in turn help in driving revenue to the A&D industry. Also, the cloud-based ERPs have added to the dynamic capabilities, which enables it to supply the right type of ERP application at the right time in an industry that changes so frequently.Here are a few benefits of ERP for A&D industries-

1.Dynamic Compliance

Regulatory oversight and compliance requirements are eternally dynamic for most A&D organizations. A good ERP system that has been developed for the A&D industry has regulatory acceptance features incorporated in the functionality which enable traceability and audit management features that in turn will allow A&D organizations to achieve their requirements and prove compliance. It automates business compliance to specific certification needs, safety norms, licensing information and several other specific regulatory norms of the industry.

2.One-stop Analytics Shop

Cloud-based ERP solutions empower the A&D Industry with a dashboard-driven business intelligence tools which represent vital information, extracted from existing ERP transactions, these are the prime requisites for measuring and analyzing the performance of an organization and help in taking informed business decisions for a particular plan. Also, real-time data offering allows you to understand market trends.

3.Improved Customer Experience

Some of the generic requirements of the A&D industry which should also meet the expectations of the customers are Inventory management capabilities,quote-to-order management, nd automated order processing. Most ERP applications offer some element of customer relationship management (CRM) as a part of the base product. Also, the added benefit of integrating with the existing CRM application helps to control costs, collaborate with customers, and reach a higher level of on-time deliveries, thereby ensuring a greater control over their customer relationships.

4.Achieve Lean Manufacturing

With full visibility into the entire manufacturing process. The industry can look at the on-going trends and eliminate the amount of unnecessary labour and material waste. With complete visibility and traceability for all manufacturing operations.It offers a crucial insight to help eradicate redundancies and improve productivity thereby reducing unnecessary labour and manufacturing waste significantly.

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